If you have found your way to this article than it’s more then likely that you have heard about Meridian Tapping or EFT and you’re curious as to how you can use tapping to improve your life. Or maybe you are an experienced tapper but you are always looking for ways to get better results. Either way I would like to share with you what I believe are the greatest benefits to applying FasterEFT Tapping to your life on a regular basis.

Why Should I Tap?

In my experience as a practitioner I have found that the most powerful benefit of tapping is…

**Breaking Your Old (non-desirable) Habits**

Now, this goes far beyond curing your procrastination or smoking habit. To understand the full implication and power that this implies, we should first define what a habit is.

What is a Habit?

Usually when we think of a habit we think of some menial task like brushing our teeth every morning or taking a nap every day at the same time. Sometimes we refer to addictions to drugs as being a habit. But how do we acquire these habits and why?

When we create a habit or display habitual behavior it generally means that we have practiced a certain way of thinking, which leads to a particular behavior, until it becomes virtually unconscious.

This means that in order for you to acquire a habit you must first practice and rehears it until you can do it without consciously being aware of it.

At one time you probably had to really think about driving a car. Now I’m guessing that you’ve had the experience of driving several miles and not even recalled the trip…it has become unconscious behavior.

Habits are extremely important in our lives. In fact we are habitual creatures. Our habits allows us to take “shortcuts” so that we are able to survive and adapt to our surroundings.

The key here to understand is that all habits are learned. You had to practice and rehears them before they became unconscious behaviors.

Good Habits vs. Bad Habits

What defines a habit as good or bad? Well, I believe that all habits have an original good intention behind them. As an example, if you ever picked up a smoking habit you probably did so because you wanted to fit in with a certain crowd or perhaps you felt more sophisticated and “grown up”. These are all perceived benefits to a certain behavior that seem to allow us to function better in our environment. It is only later as we change and grow that old habits begin to “get in the way” of our new desired behavior.

How to Uncover You Bad (non-desirable) Habits

Are you happy with everything in your life? Chances are there are a few things you would like to change or do differently but you find it difficult, frustrating, or even painful to make the changes you want. The reason you are finding it difficult is that your conscious actions are going up against your habitual, unconscious thinking and behavior… and in that battle the habit is almost always victorious.

So when ever you find it difficult to make changes… you have uncovered an old, and now non-desirable, habit.

As an example, let’s say that you want to start saving more money. You take conscious action and open a savings account and you even make your first deposit. Then a couple of weeks go by and you realize that you haven’t mad any other deposits but instead of making a deposit you put it off for later. Then you see an ad for a sale on that dress you want or those shoes or that fancy new gadget. You decide that you want it but in order to get it you will have to use part or all of your “savings”. Oh well…you can always start saving tomorrow.

Get the idea? Your behavior is being driven by unconscious, habitual thinking.

How Tapping can Break Your Old, Non-Desirable Habits

Traditional EFT’ers believe that tapping helps clear your flow of energy and that all “problems” result from a block in your energy system.

As a FasterEFT practitioner I have a different belief system. I believe that the tapping actually “disconnects” the communication between your thoughts and your nervous system.

You see, the mind and body function together as a system. Your habitual thoughts lead to your actions.

The best way that I have found to begin using tapping to change your habits is to search for that “uncomfortable” feeling. When you are leaving your comfort zone and you begin to feel uneasy, that is your body’s signal to you that you are attempting to go against a previously installed habit. By recognizing that feeling and tapping on it while affirming “I release and let it go” you are sending a signal to the mind/body that this current connection between the thought and the feeling are no longer desirable. You are actually “re-wiring” your brain.

This is the reason we predominately use only five points while tapping with the FasterEFT style. The points we use are the ones that correspond with the organs in the body that produce the chemicals that create feelings.

As you continue to tap on the feeling, eventually the thought that caused the feeling will become more clear. With the emotion gone you will experience an “ah-ha!” moment. You will be able to think the thought without having the emotional charge which means your actions will no longer be guided (the habit is broken). Once this happens you can begin to tap in a new thought, thus planting the seed for a new, more desirable habit.

What Habits Would You Like to Change?

All habitual behavior first starts as a thought. In order to change the behaviour we must first address the feeling with tapping to uncover the thought. So now that we understand this concept, what habits would you like to change?

Relationships. Do you find yourself alone or always ending up with the same personality type over and over?

Money/Finance. You say you want to have more money, but what are you actually doing about it?

Health/Fitness. Making healthy choices is a wonderful habit to build but you must first address the old habits!

Job/Business/Career. Want to get ahead in your current job? How about start a whole new career? Maybe it’s time to start your own business?

In all of the above example you need to begin by taking a look at where you are currently in regards to the one you wish to change. Your current results are the manifestation of your current habitual thoughts.

Begin clearing out any and all negative thoughts around what you currently have. Then ask yourself “what is it that I actually want?” and write that down.

Ask yourself what your life will be like once you have achieved your desire. Pay very close attention to any negative feelings. These feelings are other habitual thoughts rising to the surface. Tap on those immediately and then go back to visualizing your self with your new desire. Repeat until you can see yourself with your new desire while feeling good about it.

To Summarize

Your thoughts create feelings in your body. Those feelings drive your behavior. Your behavior determines the results that you get from life.

Habits are thoughts that are rehearsed and practiced until they become beliefs. The habitual thoughts are always created for some perceived benefit.

In order to change a habit, we must address the feeling that is being produced. With the emotional charge gone, we are free to take different action and change our behavior.

FasterEFT Tapping is the most effective way I have found to do this.

Author's Bio: 

Alan Combies is a Certified FasterEFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people release the negative and step into their positive, powerful selves. For more free resources visit http://TappingforSuccess.net