One of the most powerful ways to transform your mind and body is something I learned four decades ago from the classic self-help book, The Magic of Believing, written in 1948 by Claude Bristol. It’s called The Mirror Technique.

I’ll explain the basic method to you, and then give you my breakthrough hi-tech add-on to it. With this new combined and upgraded approach, you’ll feel like you have superhuman powers.

Imagine what you would aim for if you had the power of a super hero. Let that roll around in your mind as you continue reading…

Bristol wrote an entire chapter on The Mirror Technique in his famous book (which is still in print today). This excerpt gives you a clear idea of how the method works:

“Many great orators, preachers, actors, and statesmen have used the mirror technique. According to Drew Pearson, Winston Churchill never made a speech of importance unless he made it before a mirror first. Pearson also declared that Woodrow Wilson employed the same technique. It’s what I call a supercharging method of stepping up the speaker’s subconscious forces so that when he or she appears before an audience, those forces flow out also and affect the listeners. By using the mirror in rehearsing the speech as you are going to deliver it, you are creating a picture of yourself, your words, the sound of your voice, and your sight of the audience, to which the immediate future is to bring reality. By looking into the mirror, you increase the mental vibrations by which the force and meaning of your words will quickly penetrate to your audience’s subconscious minds.

“This mirror technique gives a possible clue to the power and personal magnetism of certain evangelists. I knew Bill Sunday in his heyday and often heard him preach, but in those days, knowing little or nothing about this Mind Stuff, I was puzzled as to how he and other great evangelists were able to influence people to such a remarkable degree. However, we now have proof that Billy Sunday was versed in the use of the mirror technique; it was given by Eric Sevareid in his book Not So Wild a Dream, published in 1946. Mr. Sevareid tells how he – as a young newspaper reporter – secured an interview with Billy Sunday: “’He bounded about the hotel room, now peering intently out of the window, with one foot on the sill, now grasping the dressing-table firmly in both hands while lecturing his reflection in the mirror.’”

In short, you stand before a mirror big enough to see your face and torso, stare into your eyes, and then speak out loud about what you want to have, do, or be. You give yourself the pep talk of all time. You reprogram your mind with your voice and your own authority.

I was reminded of the technique while watching J. Edgar, the movie by Clint Eastwood about FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. There’s a scene where Hoover’s mother coaches him to realize he can dance by urging him to look into his mirror and tell himself he could do so.

Believe me, this works. When you first look into the mirror, you may cringe or feel weak. But when you stick with it, and truly command yourself, you can transform into a powerful Law of Attraction super being.

But let’s not stop there.

Now, what could be better than The Mirror Technique?

Brace yourself.

During the recent making of my fourth album, titled The Healing Song, the band and I spontaneously created an original piece of music that is so engaging, it is virtually entrancing. It’s mesmerizing.

Just listening to it can put you into an altered state. I can’t explain how we actually created the music, as it feels like we were guided by Divine inspiration. Whatever the case, it is a riveting, mood altering track.

When we played the music back in the studio, famous drummer Joe Vitale — who has almost five decades of experience with rock and roll legends such as Neil Young and Joe Walsh — said the track wouldn’t allow any other sounds or instruments added to it.

Except one thing.

My voice.

“It wants you,” Joe told me.

At first I didn’t know what that meant. But that night, as I was driving home from a long day in the studio, I received even more Divine inspiration. I almost pulled off the freeway to write down my thoughts. But instead I turned on my iPhone and recorded the words coming to me.

When I went back into the studio, I told my music producer, Daniel Barrett, to cue up that mesmerizing track and turn on the microphone. I then recorded the most empowering commands of my entire hypnotic career.

These statements go beyond mere affirmations and feel-good self talk. These are truths about the almost supernatural power you have inside yourself to attract By-God miracles.

These commands move your attention from your little self to your all powerful big Self — yes, the Self with a capital S for Superhuman or Spiritual Human.

At the end of my spoken words, Daniel said, “Oh My God! That was phenomenal!”

With the original enchanting music and the empowering commands combined, I knew we had a track that could change lives. I knew it would be a stand-out on the new album.

But I wasn’t done.

I was inspired with one more step.

The morning I was to pick up drummer Joe Vitale from the airport, I told Nerissa how he is proof of a parallel universe. She was still half asleep and didn’t process what I said. She thought I was talking about some sort of mirror. I had to explain that since the other JV was coming, it was proof a mirror universe existed.

But her confusion led to a breakthrough idea.

I thought, “What if I created a mirror that you could look at yourself in, but that also had speakers and that empowering music track already in it?”

You could step up, look in the mirror, push play, and then listen to the most empowering commands of all time as the most entrancing music of all time riveted you on the spot.

This would combine the best of all self-help and self-improvement methods to truly re-wire your brain to attract and achieve amazing results.

And all you would have to do is look in the mirror!

Talk about easy!


Right then and there, I knew this was a hi-tech improvement to Bristol’s famous Mirror Technique.

I knew I wanted “The Empowered Mirror” — the name I coined for it — right then and there.

When I told the idea to a couple of select friends, they said the same thing: “That’s brilliant! I want the mirror, too!”

I then did some in-depth Google searching but couldn’t find anything even close to my idea. I found some baby monitors that had mirrors and played soothing music, such as the Brica Day and Night Light Musical Mirror. That was for babies.

And I found a couple shower mirrors that could play your music via a wireless transmitter, which seemed complicated. And that was for in the shower.

Neither was what I wanted.

I wanted a portrait-sized mirror with built-in speakers and pre-programmed with my empowering music track. It might even have the capability to allow people to record their own commands, or to upload their own music. But my basic idea was to have a vanity mirror that could play Empowered!, the incredible track from my new album, The Healing Song.

What I needed was a manufacturer.

I then went and contacted the people behind the fitness equipment I love — the Nexersys — to ask their advice on how to create such a mirror. Terry Jones, developer of the Nexersys, is a genius at developing products and bringing them to market. I had interviewed him for my Hypnotic Gold subscribers, and knew he could point me in the right direction. So I told him my story.

Terry told me about the Alibaba site at, where I could post my need and manufacturers in China and other places around the globe could respond. I did just that. I received two dozen emails from people who didn’t know how to type or understand English. It was funny and frustrating.

But one woman in the pack of oddities seemed professional, persistent, and polite. I decided to wire her $120 to make a sample of what I had in mind. It took four weeks just to get the wire exactly right so her bank would accept the transfer. But you and I both know persistence is a key to success. I kept at it.

When her company finally made the prototype for me in China, and shipped it to me, I was disappointed. It was a clunky woman’s makeup compact case with a USB port and built-in speakers. I didn’t think people would want yet another heavy item to carry around. And the USP wasn’t as easy to use as it sounds to transfer music tracks. I decided to pass on the idea.

While there are still ideas I might play with — like creating an app that does what I want and plays the Empowered track for you — probably the best straight line to success is to simply suggest you go buy the album and transfer the Empowered! track wherever you want it. You could then play the track on your phone, or iPad, or any device you preferred. And you could look at yourself in the mirror as you did so.

Again, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use to transform yourself. Just look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk as you listen to the music that inspires you the most. For me, the Empowered! song off my new album does the trick. But you can use whatever music makes your heart sing and your feet dance.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

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Dr. Joe Vitale is the star of the hit movie, "The Secret." He is also the author of way too many bestselling books to mention here. To name a few: The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits and his latest, Attract Money Now. He's also recorded many Nightingale Conant audio programs, and most recently, "The Abundance Paradigm." He also created a Miracles Coaching program and much more! For more information on Joe Vitale, go to: