Engaging the laws of the universe and particularly harnessing the power of the law of attraction are easier than most people realize- including me. Much like others who have discovered this wonderful law and have tried using it to their advantage, for a long time I was going around saying things like "Where's my stuff? Where are all the wonderful things that are supposed to be magically appearing out of no where?" Which of course only pushed my wonderful stuff further away from me.

Now that I know better, I have managed to attract and manifest some wonderful things such as my soulmate and a beautiful, brand new house. I'd like to share with you the five easy steps that I used- and still use- that engaged the magic of attraction and how to implement them starting today so you too can manifest the life of your dreams:

1) You can't really USE the law of attraction, you have to BE it.

We are told that as long as we focus on what we want, believe it can be ours, and then let go we will have everything that we want. While there is definitely truth in that, I believe the best and easiest way to get the law of attraction (LOA) to work is to just be it, meaning REALIZE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. Realizing your full potential simply means to figure out your purpose here on this planet and fulfill it. How does one do that? Simply by asking oneself questions such as if money was no object what would I love to do most with my free time? What really makes my heart sing? What is a way that I can contribute and make a difference with in this world? And then take the necessary steps in that direction.

2)Get crystal clear on what you want, and forget about what you don't want.

In order to make LOA work for you instead of against you, this is an absolute MUST. What is it that you really, really want? More money? How much more exactly? A new relationship? What kind of a relationship with what kind of person? A new career? In what field? Where? This is SO important. Getting clear on what you want is direct communication with the universe that says "Please bring me this! This is what I really want!" Just make sure you are not in a desperate state while asking because desperation=repelling. Which brings me to step #3...

3) Let it Go!

Yes, I said let it go. Letting it go does not mean you give up on what you want, it simply means you still want whatever you want but with a HEALTHY DETACHMENT. This simply means you are not in a state of desperation or lack but that you fully TRUST that the universe will bring you whatever you want and you are already happy right now with or without anything.

4) Feeeeeel Good!

This one is by far my favorite LOA principle. Why? Because it's all about being and feeling happy and who doesn't want that?? Feeling good simply means thinking thoughts and taking actions that, well, feel good. That's it! After you've gotten clear on what you want and let it go all you have to do is feel good. Why is this so important you might ask? Because your emotions go out into the universe as vibrations which the universe picks up on and sends more of like vibrations to you. So feeling good=attracting your desires. So beautifully simple! Yet not necessarily always easy.

Just how does one go about feeling good all the time when there seem to be so many things "out there" that our eyes can't help but observe and our minds can't help but interpret as "bad". The key to feeling good is to focus, focus, focus- it really can't be overstated- on whatever is going on in you and around you that causes you to feel good. If you have 99 problems and only one thing going right, focus with all your strength on that one thing, feel GRATEFUL for it, and all those problems will either go away or resolve themselves. Promise! This is not to say that you should just stuff your negative emotions down and deny their existence. On the contrary, you cannot fool the universe by pasting a smile on your face, pretending to be happy when all the while you feel miserable. The thing to do is to bring up whatever you're feeling, recognize it, and find a way to release it. Some great ways to do that are journaling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Release Technique by Larry Crane, and meditating.

5) Take intuitive action

I know it is usually said to take "inspired" action and in all honesty intuitive action is the same thing, but for me intuitive action just plain sounds better.

Taking intuitive action simply means to follow your intuition. This, much like focusing on feeling good, cannot be overstated. You must, MUST, act on the intuitive nudges that seem to come from no where. These nudges are your Higher Self's way of saying "If you do this you will be happy and/or successful." Sometimes it is hard to act on these nudges because they can be a little or even a lot out of our comfort zone yet it is imperative that these nudges, messages, words of wisdom are acted upon. Just remember, your Higher Self is ALWAYS guiding you in the right direction you just need a bit of courage to follow through on the message. However you will find that once you do it was SO worth it.

And that is my take on how to make LOA work for you. Simple, not always easy, but simple.

I can't wait to hear all your wonderful success stories so please feel free to share them with me, or for that matter any questions or concerns. I am here to help! =)

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Vania Majarian is an in-demand law of attraction life coach specializing in the areas of intuition and self-love. Contact her for a FREE sample session.