While women have become political leaders, ministers, bosses, CEOs and in many cases sole providers, and taken more and more away from home and garden, the masculine energy has become dominant.

In many cases women have become more driven, than receptive, more out to meet the needs of others and fight for their right to be in the world, than to be nurturing and guided by maternal instincts and naturally heightened intuition.

Of course, this does not mean women should be quiet and at home doing the cooking, cleaning and caring, rather than in the office or in board meetings. It just means in all the fight and striving to become more “equal”, Masculine and feminine qualities in one’s psyche may have become imbalanced.

So how can women restore their masculine and feminine balance and come into alignment of this Divine Union?

Create conscious connection with your divine feminine nature.

Set a clear intention for your day and what quality you want to bring into your approach of how you take it on.

Know that it is okay to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Allow some time for “softening”-relax into your being, melting into the arms of a loved one, or sitting in a warm drawn bath of bubbles or oils that sooth your soul.

Spend quality time with children or animals
Journal your thoughts, feelings, and inspired ideas ,rather than constantly adding to your to-do list.

Take your break walking or sitting amongst the trees, mountains, water, or open space.

Check your pulse, notice your breath, and make sure you are still alive (and not holding your breath on the ready for the next thing that might fall into your lap).

Gather with other women and share some sisterhood or ceremony.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Regular is a Transformational Author and Intuitive Guide empowering empaths during their time of reckoning, to reconnect with their soul purpose. Through spiritual wellness strategies and online courses she supports you in getting started on the next safe step to take to heal from emotional wounds and bring life back into alignment.