If we look at Indian literature, the kind prominent since ancient times, we come to realize that it is full of miracles, withholds magic within itself.

Vedic philosophy has been maintained pretty much on the same lines since millennia! This has been accomplished in form of stories that exemplify the Vedic philosophy in its true essence.

Bajrang Bali, the mighty God in Indian culture, one of the most adored deities at all places in the world has been put forth as the greatest devotee of Lord Ram. While the story of Lord Hanuman is inspiring in every essence, one needs to read and grasp more thoroughly to get a more refined cognition, and recognize the values that are expressed by the deity.

Vayuputra, the greatest heroes in the epic of Ramayana, is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is the epitome of might, virtues, wisdom and humility. When we go through the story of Lord Hanuman in Ramayana, we find the tale to be tremendously inspiring; it brings to one every ingredient that a person requires to overcome obstacles in his life. Bajrang Bali met Lord Ram when he was undergoing a 14 year exile in forest, and promised to him that he shall help locate his wife, Seeta Mata, who had been abducted by Ravana.

While in search of Seeta Mata, Bajrang Bali crossed many obstacles, fought monsters and flew over an ocean to reach Lanka. There, he told Seeta Mata that Ram and Laxman have been trying to find her, and requested her to come across the ocean with him. But Seeta Mata believed that this would be an insult to Sri Ram. Moreover, it was of extreme importance to allow the people to overcome the rule of Ravana, which was misguided.

Another very well known incident from the Ramayana is when Laxman was severely injured and Lord Hanuman was required to get the Sanjeevani Buti, an herb to cure him. Bajrang Bali flew across the country and bought the entire mountain of Dronagiri because he couldn't locate the Sanjivani Buti, and the same cured Laxman. Such was the Vayuputras dedication to the cause and devotion towards Lord Ram.

From the tale of Lord Hanuman, we recognize that it is we ourselves, which are the unlimited reserves of energy, but the energy nevertheless lies unused within ourselves. Lord Hanuman dedicated his entire energies towards Lord Ram's mission.

His bhakti is the Dasya Bhakti, which may be expressed as devotion which is in the form of service towards God. And this is one of the nine types of Bhaktis that brings a devotee closer to God.
In Vedic mythology and in people's beliefs alike, the place and role of Lord Hanuman is unexampled.

And one of the most basic learning which every devotee can get from the life of Lord Hanuman is that one must have priorities in life towards the goals that need to be achieved. One's strength and courage go a long way in enabling one to overcome obstacles in life, and it is equally important to not lose one's mind in situations that are critical.

The quality that always reigns supreme for a worshipper is selfless devotion to God.


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