Lord Hanuman is the divine Hindu deity who is revered at all places for his might, strength and wisdom. He is adored for his devotion to Lord Ram and it is Lord Hanuman selfless service which is his most cherished and worshipped quality.

Sometimes, we find that people are divided regarding their opinion about the origin of Lord Hanuman. Some say that Bajrang Bali is the son of the Queen and King of monkeys. But most people believe that Lord Maruti was born to Anjana, an apsara and Lord Vayu, who is the wind God.

Hanumanji is thus also called as the Pawanputra. It is believed that Vayuputra received the ability to fly from his father Vayu, the wind God.

A host of divine and exciting folklore is associated with the Pawanputra Hanuman. Once, Bajrang Bali saw the rising Sun, and seeing its red color, he mistook it for a fruit. Lord Hanuman leapt into the sky in an attempt to eat the Sun. This induced fear among the Gods, and Hanuman ji was stopped when Lord Indra threw his vajra (thunderbolt) at him.

The thunderbolt hit Lord Hanuman on the jaw, and that's where the origin of the name Hanuman is. Hanuman means one with a disfigured jaw.

Hanumanji fell back on the earth. He was in a coma, but his father, Lord Vayu was very displeased with the happening. He went to a cave with Lord Hanuman, and the world was at the risk of asphyxiation.

At this point, Lord Indra apologized and blessed Hanuman ji with immortality. The gods came together to bless Hanuman ji. Though Bajrang Bali was possessed with great strength, he was naughty as a kid and to put an end to the mischief, the Gods granted that Hanuman ji shall forget about his power.

But he shall regain his powers when someone reminds him of the same by praising him.

In the epic of Ramayana, Pawanputra was reminded of his power by Jambavant, the king of bears, when the there was a need to fly across the vast ocean to reach Lanka and find the whereabouts of Seeta Mata. Seeta Mata was abducted by the demon king Ravana, and taken to Lanka. On being praised by Jambavant, Lord Hanuman was repossessed with his powers all over again, and grew huge and mighty to fly across the ocean and reach Lanka.

Lord Hanuman is blessed with immortality, and is also known as Chiranjeevi. But one of the most prolific episodes from the life of Lord Hanuman is when he flew all the way to Himalayas to find an herb that healed Lakshman from a severe wound that he received in the war against Ravana. As Hanumanji could not find the herb, he bought the entire mountain to Lanka.

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