The Law Of Attraction explained

The law of attraction is a theory with overwhelming scientific evidence. It is said to be a law of nature (like the law of gravity). It affects our lives in a big way. With advances in quantum physics more and more people are now paying attention to it. If you've never heard of it, or want to learn more, read on. I love science, especially quantum physics and could go on and on about it, but I will try to keep it brief and simple as I can here :)

In short, the law of attraction states that what we think, feel and believe – we attract into our lives. For example if you think/feel/believe positive things, then positive things will happen for you. The law of attraction was made very popular by the hit movie “The Secret”. I recommend you watch this movie to better understand it. I will explain some of the science behind it here, but just warning you, it may be a bit hard to get your head round this stuff! I still struggle to comprehend it. Feel free to leave questions/comments for me at the end.

Quantum physics

Most of us have been raised with the view that the world around us and everything is made of physical, solid matter. Scientists have discovered after looking closer at atoms, they are made out of protons, neutrons, which are made up from quarks, and electrons. Electrons and quarks are forms of energy. So everything is made out of energy. Hard to believe right? But it is a scientific fact. Einstein knew this, he said: “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it...It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Electrons don’t always behave like physical matter. This was proven in an experiment where they were shooting the electrons through a wall with 2 slits. Each electron would each go through both slits at the same time. They were in 2 different places at once! The way they moved was similar to a wave pattern, like radio waves. But... When the scientists observed the electrons, they went through one slit! Looking at the electron actually made it behave like a solid particle! They later tried it with “buckyball” molecules with the same results. reference:

So everything is made of energy, and this energy manifests as solid particles when we observe it.

Scientists in Moscow at the Russian Academy of Sciences have found that when placing human DNA in a vacuum chamber with photons the photons re-arrange themselves into the spiral pattern of the DNA. And after taking the DNA out, the photons remained in that pattern. It is called the DNA phantom effect.

Our DNA influence's the movement and order of the matter (energy) around us.

They have also found that when the subject feels different emotions, their DNA not only emits a powerful electrical response, but the shape of the DNA actually changed.

Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations, and these vibrations change our DNA.

So what we think/feel/believe changes our DNA which changes what we attract into our life.

Here's an experiment you can try :

Just pay attention to how your children behave according to your mood. You will probably notice when you are stressed – your kids play up a lot. Even when you are not acting stressed, if you are feeling stressed inside, they pick up on that and they get stressed and misbehave. When you're in a good mood – your kids are better behaved.

Our beliefs and feelings also affect our health, which is well known by the “placebo effect”. When patients take placebos, they believe it is real medicine and they get better. This demonstrates the power of belief, and there are many more examples.

It's a bit of a trap some people get themselves into when they believe something negative, then they attract negative things, they will also only notice those negative things and fail to see the positive because that is the way they are 'tuned', which re-enforces the belief and so their cycle continues. That is how we create our own reality or life experience. But our life experience doesn't have to be a negative one.

So how can we attract more positive things into our life?

By having more positive thoughts and feelings and changing any negative beliefs you have to positive ones. Then you will notice the positive things more and attract positive things more. If there is something that you want, imagine that you already have it, in order to get “in tune” to having it, then you'll get it.

There is a whole lot more information about the law of attraction on the internet, this article is just scratching the surface.

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Written by Melissa J Magnus

I am a busy mother with 4 children and a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

My mission is to help mothers to find their Purpose, and achieve their goals, while juggling their children and busy life, while feeling fulfilled and enjoying her journey.