The law of attraction means that you attract what you want or don't want with your thoughts, spoken words, emotions. Behind these goes your belief. If you feel anxious and have thoughts of lack, uncertainty you are attracting more things and situations in your life to prove your belief. We have global responsibility for what is going on right now. Our scary thoughts brought more scary circumstances to our experience. Current situation is called a pandemic of fear, nothing else. Those who know that we have free will choose what we want to experience, they choose thoughts of health, abundance, joy and the most important love. Using the law of attraction correctly we can experience good things even right now. Every experience is created in the present moment. Our minds are unlimited in creation.
That's why it is important to understand that we can recreate our life by correctly using the law given by God.

How we use correctly the law of attraction :

First we focus on what we want .

If we want our bodies to be healthy we affirm that with trust that it is true and be grateful now. If we have condition in our bodies we can visualize health and it will manifest in our bodies. It is required to feel that it is right now. Thanks to that we will be guided by our intuition to the right people who help us to achieve our goal. It works in every condition and every situation. Our bodies have power to heal itself by using the above tools.

If we have a lack of money, it means that our thoughts are more about lack than abundance.

If we are in a relationship in which there is no affection and respect, it means that we don't love and respect ourselves. We stay in those kinds of relationships because we believe that life is against us and our good.

If we want promotion in our jobs and we don't have it, it means that we speak about our boss in bad manners, we don't believe in ourselves, we compare ourselves with others and thoughts of what we emanate are " I am not good enough".

Our lives can be changed in every age and circumstances, only our thoughts, words and actions need to be aligned with what we want and is important for us. Our bodies can be healed, our affairs can be harmonized, our relationships with others will be fulfilled, abundance and joy is our birthright.

As we don't know how gravity works, we don't have to know how we will receive what we want. "How" is God's part, only believe and be willing to trust and everything will be done in the most harmonious and loving way for you and those you take care about.

Author's Bio: 

Life brought me from Poland to the USA to bring forth my highest potential and be a part of growing our planet consciousness by spreading love and understanding how life works through Louise Hay's philosophy and writing my own books.