Start your life with a decision.
The starting point is to decide and then go. It is by deciding and then going that you are creating the new roads of your new life.
It is by deciding and taking action by start going that you create success for both you and others.
Your only job is to pay attention and be present during this process. Your job is to be. To be connected with your being.
That you are in harmony with your strength, your core, your essence, and that you are fully engaged in all what you are working with.
Here is the key to all.
This is the only thing you need. Nobody can take this away from you. Nobody can give it to you. This is your road and only your road. Everything apart from this is outside of you.
How is this done?
Do not believe one single word I am saying to you.
Words are only an attempt to show you my world of my reality. Words are symbols. Words are only a sound. We have all our own experience of reality.
Words are an expression of feelings. Emotions and feelings are coming to our awareness.
Awareness is a history about me/you/ my or your ego.
Perhaps you have a problem or you have a history from your past you are continuing telling yourself and other people about. All this is taking you away from what is. Being is all there is.
In reality, you can only find now. There is nothing else than this moment of now.
Therefore are the words that are coming up not true.
They are already the past. They are already a history. A memory. The words have nothing to do with what is real here and now. The words are trying to describe something you cannot describe. Every description is limiting. Every word is limiting.
The real strength is laying in-between the words.
What is in-between the words have always been there and will always be there. What is in-between the words?

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Seedsman and visionary collector of success stories

that support successful people and companies to achieve more success

Main Areas: Self Improvement, writing, talks or coaching.

Career Focus: Business Owner, Author.

He works part time to help adult people with autism and has founded a new company together with a partner: Triple Success Company.

Manfred Johannsen is the former founder of Vikima Seed, one of the main multiplication vegetable seed companies in the world of spinach seeds and other niche seeds products selling to more than 70 countries. Started from scratch and reaching more than 100 million US Dollars in total accumulated revenue during the 21 years of ownership with the help of two partners and very devoted employees when sold some years back.

The company was founded in 1983.

He has a degree in international sales and marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and training.

He has always been interested in self-improvement and personal growth and began over 30 years ago. Visiona is the name his new company and with a slogan: vision to evolution.

During the time of writing his books Manfred was blessed with a new idea to collect success stories from success companies that would help the companies to continous success. Together with a partner Manfred has founded a new company: Triple Success Company - se more

Manfred is a self improvement man- and proud of it.

He lives and works in Europe, Denmark, with his wife, Lisa. They have 2 children.

Manfred’s coming books:

Both books are selfgrowth books with regard to setting goals and finding your passion.

The first one is a descriptive version and the second book is a fiction book.