Successful people act in spite of fear, while unsuccessful people let fear stop them, because successful people are self-confident and they move intuitively in the right direction. Well, self-confidence is not about a self-confident look on your face, acting like you are better than others. It is about inner guidance and peace of mind.

If you want to land at your dream job but lack the confidence to make the decision to act in a way that would bring you closer to that job, you will probably wind up without your dream job. Confidence is a resource which is both invaluable and essential toward the achievement of any goal.

We often let worry take over our lives, as worry is almost our God. You are rocking back and forth, back and forth - you feel like you are doing something, but you are not getting anywhere. You are just mentally and physically tiring yourself out. Thinking about all the things that could be wrong or go wrong doesn't make your life any more controllable or safer.

99% of what we worry about, never come to pass. Worry can never accomplish anything. Worry is negative and destructive. Worry is the child of fear - if you kill out fear, worry will die for want of nourishment.

The act of worrying is using your imagination and emotion to create something you do not want. If you are in a situation where you haven't got any results in achieving your goals, and you start to question and doubt, you are moving away from your goals.

If you have been doing affirmations over a period of years and still getting nowhere, it would be wise to look inwardly at the pictures that you have been holding about yourself. If you are not sure, if you doubt, then it will not come to pass, because the messages you send to your subconscious mind are controversial and you sabotage your goals. Some people try visualizing and affirming what they want for a moment, but then they spend the rest of the time undoing this creation by worrying and doubting. That is why we fail to manifest what we want.

If you stop worrying and trying too hard to get solutions consciously, your subconscious mind will solve problems for you, and you start to move intuitively in the right direction. You have to shift your awareness to your desired reality in order to draw it into manifestation. The key is to feel comfortable with thinking, talking and acting in a state where your desire is already a reality.

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Ben Tien has been writing about Meditation Self Hypnosis for many years. He is the educator of personal development with a strong focus on effective communication. Learn more about NLP in the author blog: NLP Way