Nutrition lays the foundation for life. Without balanced nutrition, the growth process of the children gets distracted. From nourishment to replenishment, every physiological process depends on the nutrition a child takes. The primary source of nutrition always remains food, and healthy food surely ensures balanced nutrition supportive of health and growth.

Children can be choosy while selecting the food items, and in the process, a bountiful of nutrition may get lost. Therefore, it is essential that due attention is paid to the choice of food rather than the quantity of food taken by children. Nutrition, health, and learning share a close bond that cannot be denied. Therefore, for every child, nutrition plays critical in determining the level of concentration, comprehension, and learning.

Studies have also revealed that what a child eats makes for the foundation of tomorrow. Hence, nutrition not only guarantees a healthy today but also secures a sound tomorrow. Here are some factors we, at Junior DPS, believe make balanced nutrition during the early childhood years indispensable for every child.

Brain Development

Several studies have shown that 90% of brain development takes place during the early years of childhood. If a child refuses to eat fresh fruits, green vegetables, and enough water, brain development might suffer, resulting in late or inadequate neurological development. This may thereby lead to poor academic performance in later years of life and also hinders the development in other spheres as well. Hence, nutrition received during the early years plays critical in determining the overall progress of a child.

Overall Health

Energy and immunity are two primary aspects of good health that cannot be maintained without sufficient nutrition. During the early years, children require enough of both to stay fit and active. A child lagging enough nutrition may fall sick frequently, which impacts his/her overall health and energy levels, making him/her less agile and attentive. Hence, the learning process also gets delayed and eventually, the child suffers from slow progress.

Concentration Issues

The more the level of concentration, the better would be the level of comprehension of any child. If a child remains sick most of the time of the year, it affects the reception system of the brain and makes the child less attentive and incapable of concentrating. Hence, no matter how hard you try to make such kids learn the lessons, they show fewer signs of progress and lose focus on the studies gradually. Hence, right and balanced nutrition is a must for every child to stay ahead in the path of progress and to maintain the pace in the years to come as well.

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At Junior DPS, ranked among the Top 10 Preschool Franchise in India, we make sure that every child becomes aware of the necessity of good eating habits. When they are at school, practicing healthy eating habits during lunch hours along with other children helps the kids cope with the notion of healthy eating easily, and this community move makes the practice standard in their lives. When at home, we would like to suggest the parents to stay focused on the quality of food the kids are consuming. Try to keep them away from the junk food as much as possible as it is this age when the foundation for their life ahead will be laid, and nutrition plays a very important role there. And we are very much sure you certainly wouldn’t want them to have a weak base. Do you?