Sports betting, betting games and casinos are now important players in German football for many fans. Thus, betting providers are becoming more and more commonplace in sport. They also support many clubs and players through targeted sponsorship. The increased live broadcasting of football matches in the first, second Bundesliga and the regional leagues as well as the Landesligen have further increased the opportunities for sports betting.

Football - an important partner for sports betting

Especially in Germany, football and sports betting are inseparably linked. For many fans, the thrill of following their favourite team and betting on the results and certain events is the deciding factor. That is why many football stadiums host their own bookmakers. Even easier and more convenient are betting games on the net from home. For this purpose, for example, there are specialised offers and discounts at USA that football fans can use for themselves, for example, to take a deposit bonus and let off steam in sports betting with less risk.

Undisputed number 1: Bundesliga football

Many fans like to bet on upcoming matches before heading to the stands. The Bundesliga still has the highest average viewing figures in Europe, surpassed only by the NFL. 80% of all sports bets are placed by bettors on football in Germany alone. The rest is shared by ice hockey, handball and tennis, among others. There is currently no club that is directly affiliated with a betting provider, but more and more players are entering into corporations and self-promotion.

When placing bets, it is less important whether they are lost or won. Based on the bookmakers, the probabilities are determined, which can be converted into a win through the odds. For the most part, fans of their own team know exactly where the team has been and how it has fared in previous games. How did the last and the current season go? Are there any injuries in the team? What is the team's motivation and current form? When it comes to sports betting, the experienced fans clearly score points, because they bring an insider's knowledge that can't be outweighed by anything.

Upcoming new regulation of sports betting in 2021

Up to now, the offer of sports betting in football was rather in a legal grey area, as there was no uniform regulation in Germany as far as licences were concerned. For players, this did not exactly make it easier to find the best bookmakers. That is to change this year. The new State Treaty on Gambling will also change the range of sports betting services for each federal state. It lays down the requirements for licences, the requirements for betting providers and casinos and the range of games on offer.

The German betting game with regard to football is about to win a very important game in 2021. A new regulation will come into force. According to this, sports betting providers are allowed to obtain a German and nationwide legal licence. Also in the field of marketing and communication, after a long period of hiatus, it is possible to promote top-level sport and also regional sport and to do so publicly. So it remains to be seen how the offer in the field of sports betting in professional and regional sport will change. For the fans, however, this will make no difference to which club they give their support in the coming season.

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