When you hear of the word “experience,” different ideas come to your mind. Unwelcomed and welcomed memories will also enter, making you reminisce about some fragments of your life. But have the thought of making those experiences into something eternal ever crossed your mind? It can be your personal struggles, childhood, achievements, first love, and dreams; but, it could also be the hardships, happiness, victory, and great love of others that were shared to you. All you need to do is to collect the memories and retell them through literature.

Diary of Anne Frank, One Caregiver’s Journey, Angels and Mysteries, The Glass Castle, and Becoming are some of the best nonfiction works that centers one a person’s experiences. The Shining, Murder on the Orient Express, The Fault in Our Stars, All the Bright Places, and Little Women are among the notable fictional stories that are based on real events, but not necessarily experienced by the authors. With that being said, below tells how important the role of experience is in literature.

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