They knock only once. At everyone's door. If you're quick enough, you catch 'em. If not, they leave you. Not everyone recognizes them. Many abhor them, thinking they're hard work with no real justification that they're gonna work out for the better for you. I recognized them. Two huge ones. I'm so addicted to hard work, I'm making a fortune for myself. My Twitter league is heavy. Nothing but big shots in my following. My self-empowerment cannot be stopped. Haters learn this, the hard way, by being stopped!

They always dress the same: it's gonna take a lot of guts to step out of lane and be the only one, with people looking at you. Some will be staring. Others will shake their head. Some may will even be jeering and laughing at you, and there's nothing you can do about it. So they'll continue. There's no other way to get the best of it, the best of which is promised only to you, when you believe in the faith in it, that it won't let you down. Then you can move mountains and nothing will stop you. People in our way and all their crap will only be temporary, you'll get up every single time you're knocked down, because you're driven!

One way to exploit it is to get excited about it because it is, after all, what it is. Not everyone has it, so you'll do yourself lots of good by just focusing on it and nothing else. I know I'm making lots of money with this, so to this I'm truthful to it and giving it my best because I know exactly what it is. How to get excited about this was taught to me in direct sales. It's a technique professional footballers use, at the highest levels. Basically, when you have a match, the key of the team that want to become champions intently focus on nothing else but the what goes on within the white lines of the football field over the duration of the match. They additionally forget about EVERYTHING that doesn't relate to that goal. This principle is called, The White Line Fever. It's incredibly effective. Professionals in sales use it to bang out top results amidst a difficult operating territory - the market. This is partly how some of the best athletes in the world perform exceptionally in filled-to-capacity stadia with hundreds of thousands in attendance.

The White Line Fever is the most potent of tools to exploit the earlier narration. When this factor comes to your door, and knocks, The White Line Fever attunes you to its exact sound and compels you to open the door as quickly possible and let the wonderful guest in. We've all heard of this guest, though many people missed the guest and so live with a lot of regret. This guest is no other than OPPORTUNITY.

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