Lord Hanuman is very often seen as a divine deity known for his wisdom and immense power. He worshipped Lord Ram and served him with all his strength, sincere devotion and without expecting a reward in return; his service was selfless.

From Ramayana, the great Indian epic which tells us about life of Lord Ram, there is a very interesting tale which tells us about how Lord Ram met Bajrang Bali.

Ravana, the demon king was adamant about taking revenge over Lord Ram. He disguised himself as a Sadhu and abducted Sita Mata by duping her with his disguise. When Lord Ram and Laxman returned from the forest, they were shocked to not find her at the hut.

It was in these difficult times that they met Pawanputra Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman recognized his God and from then on, they forged a strong relationship, a friendship which was unshakable. Bajrang Bali immediately recognized that he must help Lord Ram and Laxman in their search for finding Seeta Mata.

He trained an army of monkeys, when they heard about his noble cause, they were only too willing to join the crusade. It was this army, or the Vanar Sena which fought the great army of Ravana.

When Lord Hanuman and his friends were trying to locate Seeta Mata, they came to know that she had been abducted by Ravana who had taken her to Lanka. Lord Hanuman realized that he must reach Lanka in order to find more about Seeta Mata, but the raging seas separated them from Lanka.

The thought of crossing the seas, full of powerful monsters bought shivers to the entire team. It was then that a friend of Lord Hanuman reminded him of his strength. This infused within him a wave of confidence.

Lord Pawanputra regained his balance, and was more determined than ever to find out more about Seeta Mata and her whereabouts in Lanka.

He knew that no one was created to defeat him, because apart from his strength, he had the blessings of Lord Ram.

Moreover, his determination to find Seeta Mata was far greater than his own strength!

On his way to Lanka, Lord Hanuman had to fight many monsters, but he triumphed because blessings of Lord Ram enabled him to overcome the adversaries that stood in his way.

Finally when Lord Hanuman reached Lanka, he was exhausted, but he immediately initiated his search for Seeta Mata because for him, the mission was far more important than his own well being. Such was the devotion of Lord Hanuman.


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