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Korean medical dramas, also known as medical K-dramas, are a type of Korean drama that focuses on the medical staff, especially doctors, and their experiences. With their beautiful, unique storylines, medical K-dramas are gaining popularity over medical drama movies.

Here are some medical K-dramas recommendations for you:

Hospital Playlist

If you are tired of watching medical drama movies where the doctors save people miraculously or are being chased by bad guys. In that case, you should watch the Hospital Playlist! The drama is realistic and depicts real-life friendships!

It is just the story of five doctors who work in the same hospital and have been friends since medical school. It's one of the best heartwarming movies and series portraying the actual life of a healthcare professional and highlighting the importance of friendship.

Good Doctor

Good Doctor is a must-watch for fans of the best heartwarming movies! This drama tells the story of a young doctor who is autistic but a passionate and enthusiastic medical student. He becomes a pediatric surgeon despite facing discrimination and skepticism from his colleagues.

Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger tells the story of Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk), a genius boy educated by his father who wants to become a thoracic surgeon. Park Hoon and his girlfriend, Song Jae-hee, fled to South Korea when his father died.

In South Korea, Park Hoon managed to earn a position as a doctor at the prestigious hospital, Myungwoo University Hospital. While working at the hospital, he met a female doctor resembling his girlfriend. Unexpectedly, that female doctor was involved in a secret mission against Park Hoon.

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