The Holidays is such a special time for me. It is all about the light of joy in my heart and my desire is to share that light with others. This time of year I start thinking about what I accomplished this past year, and what I want next year to look like. I start plotting and planning what I want for the New Year, which to me, begins on the Winter Solstice signaling the end of the darkness and the beginning of the light on my side of the world. In the other half of the world it marks the beginning of the retraction of light. I know the holidays can be a sad time for many and it can feel very lonely as the illusion that everyone has a home, family and tons of presents comes to the forefront. It also a time when we long for loved ones not present or that have passed on, and we start clinging to the way things were in the past. However, the truth is you are never alone and you are loved dearly. The past is the past and it is time to make new memories, and have new experiences. Your loved ones would want that for you. I know you want that for you.

How do you let go of what was and step into the present joy that is all around you? By deliberately shifting your feelings! You shift your feelings by focusing on your thoughts. Your thoughts, the ones you pay attention too, are what are making you sad, anxious, depressed, despondent or angry. These thoughts create emotions in the body either positive feelings or not so positive feelings that bring you down, such as anger, stress, sadness etc. Your thoughts are clinging to what was, reminding you of what you don’t have, don’t want or are missing from your life. It is not possible to bring in joy, happiness and all the things you do want from this place of pain. So what I do when I’m really in my sad place is to start thinking about all the people, animals, things I do have in my life and love so much! It is then absolutely impossible for me to stay sad. I start smiling and laughing. I think about how much I love and am grateful for my family, the family dog, and my friends. I think about how much I love my apartment and the big oak tree outside with all the crazy squirrels running around and the bunny rabbit family that greets me outside when I come home. How much I love flowers, the beach, the sun, the ski, skiing, dancing, laughing, fabulous restaurants, the colors of Fall, yummy meals, connecting with people, and so much more. I think about life and how much I love it. I think about how lucky I am to be in perfect health and have so much energy. I think about all the good things in my life and then immediately I stop feeling sad, stressed despondent or hopeless.

It is impossible to feel love and joy and not start to feel better. I know it is not easy to create a switch and feel better just like that, but it is a practice you can implement. You will be amazed how quickly you can change your feelings! It is something you would benefit from putting into practice, because to change your circumstance you must change your feelings. To change your feelings, you need to change your thoughts. The law of attraction is all about like attracting like, so the higher you can keep your happiness vibration going, the more good things you will draw to you, which includes people, places and things. Focus on what you do want and not what isn’t there or isn’t happening. Focus your imagination on the kind of holiday you would like to have now, today, not tomorrow. Start envisioning it. One trick is to spend 7 minutes every day envisioning the things you want, and feel them as if they are happening right now. Create them in your mind and feel your happiness. Create the job you want, see yourself going to it, what you do every day, the people you work with and interact with, how wonderful you feel in this new job. Imagine every detail! It might not come in the exact form of your imagination because the Universe loves to give you even more than you dreamed but it will show up pretty darn close and better!

This shift in your feelings will truly allow you to have a happy & joyous Holiday Season filled with the love all around you and within you.

Happy Holidays!

Blessings & Love,


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Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has received her training from Soul Therapy School® International. In her private practice, Carolyn assists individuals utilizing Soul Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. She has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute. Carolyn works with women from all over the world to support their desire to realign their soul and life purpose, connect to their divine essence and live their true magnificence.