If you were to go to the market to shop for dog toys, you would be surprised to find that there are many types available. Each type differs in its purposes. Here are the three categories of dog toys available.


Active toys


Such toys are meant to keep your dog both physically and mentally active. Usually made out of hard rubber, they do not wear or spoil too quickly. They come in different shapes and sizes, and are extremely easy to carry around; so that you can bring it anywhere you want your dog to be active, like the park. Some of these active toys can include your interaction with your dog by you moving the toy about and throwing them so that your dog's attention will be towards it as he tries to catch it. The most common active toys usually come in the form of a wand or bone.


Distraction toys


Such toys are meant to distract your dog from doing other things rubber duck dog toy. They are usually filled with treats, which is able to keep your dog distracted for hours as your dog tries to chew them to get the treats. These types of toys are useful as a form of positive reinforcement during training. There are also those that comes in there form of a treasure hunt box, where your dog will need to dig through the rubber cubes to find their treasured treats.


Comfort toys


The third type is comfort toys. These are made to keep your dog feeling all fuzzy when he sleeps. Although this is so, this type of toy is not suitable for all types of dogs, especially among more aggressive ones. The toys are small, soft, stuffed, and light, so it can be easily carried around so your dog can adapt to places easier. These are usually made to look like a small animal, such as a mouse, rabbit or duck.

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