Archetype is a symbol, pattern and experience we engage our energy in based upon our culture and values assigned to it. Archetypes are very much universal in their raw form and our everyday language uses archetypal information. When we are ready to look at our life from the symbolic perspective of archetypes, we have to first deal with the conflict of whether or not we are ready to embark on a journey to ask questions which will challenge our ego field of energy and our intuition will prompt us to follow the inner guidance that defies cultural conditioning.

Understanding our contracts is the inner dialogue with the divine and establishing strong relationship is based on our urge to follow the guidance without resentment and slough off the delusion created by the ego pride in the process.

Entering into the world of archetypal contracts demand a shift of consciousness-we enter into an inner region that offers a different perception of dealing with our external reality.
We have to be ready for the change and transformation because the moment we become conscious of how our world is operating from inside out, we begin to engage in a self empowerment journey.

Self empowerment journey teaches us to follow inner guidance -the voice of which becomes stronger as we begin to cross over the boundaries of ego and begin to relate to inner guidance.Change requires courage and faith.We can’t change our external reality unless we take a courageous plunge into our unconscious through making a conscious choice to transform.

The blocks in our unconscious appear in our external reality in different forms some of them are frustration,discontentment,anger, jealousy, greed, hate and resentment to name a few. Becoming aware of our energy and its manifestation opens us up to become aware of our unconscious through asking questions, creating intentions and making choices.

Each moment and each day becomes an adventurous journey of self exploration when we choose to know our archetypes and connect with our true life purpose. Archetypal information helps to bring out the issues related to our power struggles and put us on the hot seat of ego versus archetypes as divine messengers. It’s here our relationship with divine is coming into bigger picture helping us to test the strength of its bond with divine. If you have what it takes you will be able to get the essence of divine wisdom operating through your sacred contracts and shape your choices based upon the the power of such intuitive insights, get connected with your unique archetypal patterns.

Author's Bio: 

Ashoo Modgil is an intuitive, teacher and self development consultant. She consults, coaches and teaches stress management and self development tools for quality living.Visit her website