Today’s life is very stressful. Very few can find time to go to the gym and maintain their body. It is not always necessary that if you need to stay healthy, you should go to the gym for the same. A proper and balanced diet plus habit of any good outdoor game can provide you a healthy lifestyle by which you can achieve your dream of living healthy. Badminton has become quite popular among people of all ages. Much like the sport of tennis, badminton is a great racquet sport that offers a tremendous amount of benefits for participants. Badminton can be played with or without court. Whether it is in singles or doubles, badminton is an exciting sport to pick up if you are looking for an activity that boosts your physical, mental health.

Here are some healthy onving tips on playing badminton daily which will make you quit your expensive gym and clubs and force you to take up this fun and effective support

1. Increased muscle tone

Anybody who wants to build and tones the quads, calves and hamstrings can use badminton to achieve these all. Moreover, by playing badminton you can exercise the core muscles, arms and back muscles. Whenever you start a shot in badminton, be it smash or even a drop, it’s contributing in toning your body. Also playing badminton just for half an hour daily will help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

2. Psychological benefits

Badminton not only provides physical fitness, but also provide mental fitness. It is a fact that playing badminton always boosts our physical fitness and well being and also helps to reduce our anxiety, tension and stress very much. Exercise increases endorphins, which are the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. It can also improve mood and sleep.

3. Improved metabolism

‘’Metabolism’’ this is very important term. If our metabolism rate is perfect we can achieve a successful and sustainable loss of weight. More you sweat more your metabolism speed can be increased. By playing badminton our body becomes habitual of sweating naturally. Also in our day to day life we get a lot of toxins in our body. Everybody applies a different method to get rid of these toxins; some drinks few juices which are horrible in taste. Instead of taking so much of pain, one can simply take the support of badminton because while you play badminton your body sweats naturally, and you will be able to get rid of these toxins in a natural way.

4. Physical fitness

A healthy lifestyle changes everything! So if you are physically fit, your all health issues can be resolved. As it is an outdoor sport it will provide physical fitness to your body. Badminton includes running, lunging, diving, etc. which burns about 450 calories per hour. No doubt playing this game is a good idea of a workout. We can very easily burn about 480 calories by playing badminton for an hour or more. This is regarded as the highest among all other sports. So if you play this game everyday just for an hour or so, you would easily loose 4kgs within a month.
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