Good morning to all…..

As I begin with you today I realize that it is close to Noon and I ask; what has happened to the morning? I’m sure that everyone wonders that from time to time.

We had one appointment this morning which I figured would take maybe 30 minutes or so – more than an hour later we return. Hum, then I realized that not everyone is on “my” timetable. Funny how that works!

Today as I run in late I want to discuss “good intentions.” We all have them, don’t we? We mean to do the “right” things. We mean to say the “right” things. We are not bad people…our hearts are in the right place.

Well at times our “good intentions” back fire. Oops….we say, I didn’t mean for that to happen.

OK, here is a for instance… want to bless a friend or family member with giving them something from your heart. You want to do a kind deed for them.

Or you see someone being wronged and you just want to intercede to “help” out. Your “good intentions” are there but maybe not well received.

Has it ever happened to you where someone gives you something and it creates more havoc than it started out to be? Sure…we all have.

This is what I do. I take a deep breath, smile and realize that this action was done with “good intentions.” When you do that, your emotions calm down and you have the presence of peace and love for the person.

You do not look upon them or their actions as one of a malicious effort. I remember offering to others baked goods which I made for them…I had “good intentions” – I had love to offer – I was so pleased with gifting them.

Then what happened – they said – no – no – I’m on a diet I don’t want it. I was crushed. I made this offering with the “good intentions.”

So what to do? I still persevere and move forward with “good intentions.” God knows my heart and I pray that others do also.

If I ever step on someone’s toes – please forgive me and know that I have come with “good intentions” to share and maybe bless someone who needs it. I’ve come to make a difference. Nancy

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Nancy A. Lennert, author of "The Good Idea" and "JustAsk...Let The Spirit Guide You" I am a motivational speaker whose desire it is to "Empower You In The Marketplace". I believe that it is not doing certain things but doing things in a certain way which will lead to success both in your personal life and professional life.