Welcome to the beginning of your day….

Recently I have been entertained by watching people. I so enjoy watching the expression on others faces when something awesome, exciting, fun and even surprising happens to them.

The latest is a video with a little girl who threw away her Daddy’s first foul baseball catch at a Phillies game. This is priceless. Her little innocence is more precious than gold. I was so proud of her Dad for embracing her into his arms. His faced showed that he loved her so much. Their bond is unmistakable love. (I think that I also saw a look of “you got to be kidding me!”) These are priceless moments and it showed.

Every now and then we talk about negative issues that create some depression in people. We talk about how to be an over comer in these situations. The best way to over come the negative is to embrace the positive. This is not a new thing….we all know about it.

So to overcome the negative in others I will look for their excitement. What makes them happy? What makes then jump for joy? What makes them get out of bed early and run? This is passion, this is joy and this excitement is life changing.

I have found that we people are not the only ones who get excited about an event, a happening, a change or even the fact of seeing other people.

As I have mentioned before, each day as I write to you our pet Cockatiel Sammy is on my lap. She gets so excited when she sees me heading for the office. She whistles, chirps, runs back and forth on her perch and I just have to get her.

As we walk down the hall she can barely hold onto my finger. She is ready to go. She is excited. How such a little thing can make a big difference in her morning.

We see this happen all across the board will all kinds of pets….they are excited when they see us. They are open with their expressions and it doesn’t bother them if another pet sees them running sideways just to say hello.

What about us? Are you living in excitement? Some people say that we make our own excitement. Maybe so….I know that my excitement lives inside of me. It can’t help but come out. We bubble over with excitement sometimes.

The next time you people watch, notice the facial expressions on the happy/excited ones and the facial expression on the sad/depressed ones. What a huge difference. Excitement can be found on the outsides – that is called happiness….Excitement can be found on the inside – that is called joy. It is real, it lasts and it shows constantly.

Are you happy or are you joyful? Where is your excitement coming from? One of these will make a lasting difference. Nancy

Author's Bio: 

Nancy A. Lennert, author of "The Good Idea" and "JustAsk...Let The Spirit Guide You" I am a motivational speaker whose desire it is to "Empower You In The Marketplace". I believe that it is not doing certain things but doing things in a certain way which will lead to success both in your personal life and professional life.