Good morning everyone….

I’m not sure if my week is going fast or slow…I thought it was Thursday today. Then Sarah, my oldest daughter, reminded me that it is Wednesday. So do I slow down or speed up? I’m feeling a whirlwind here.

Speaking of whirlwinds…..George and I were discussing our schedules and we both felt a bit overwhelmed. It is at these times where we must “stop, drop and roll.”

Like so many other people we have a lot on our plates. Then we ask ourselves - without doing these things…where would we be? Have you asked yourself that?

Look around you….there is always something to do. George says that he cannot take a vacation at home because he would end up working all of the time. There is always something to do around the house. (Tell me about it!)

We mentioned that a few years ago we were just doing “our” thing. Our lives were not complicated by activities and commitments. The kids were still relatively young, under our constant care…not running here or there…..not many social engagements…not a lot of community involvement…not a lot of anything outside of our little world.

We thought that we were cruising just fine. Then our eyes opened up, our ears began to hear and life took on a whole new meaning.

All of a sudden life was so much more. Life is living. Life is loving. Life is sharing. Life is giving. Life is awesome!

Life is to share with others. Life is to explore the unknown. Life is to be lived in complete gratitude. Life is a gift from God - to be lived according to His design.

Sure without stepping out you can live a pretty content life. You will not have a lot of ups and downs….just a lot of the same ole’ same ole’.

You can set your clock by television shows, dinner and lunch times and bath times. You can be content sitting in your chair and watching the other guy do it.

We talk to our kids all of the time….”Don’t just sit there watching the others do it, get out there and do it yourself.”

Break free I say and take on what you never thought possible.

Would we go back to the way it use to be? No. Did we get more rest? Yes. Were we more content? I would probably use the word complacent.

We were pulled up and out of a self-centered life style. We have been shown a new way of living our lives. A new way of believing…we have been shown the truth.

On those evenings when we both crawl up the stairs; we are grateful for the opportunity to serve others. Another good day!

How about you? Are you making changes? Are you leading an exciting life full of opportunities to serve others? Or….do you live from one television show to the next?

There is a big plan for you if you “JustAsk” and wait for the answer. It is not up to us and our designs. Our designs are small but His are big.

There is such a difference when you step out and ask for more. Nancy

Author's Bio: 

Nancy A. Lennert, author of "The Good Idea" and "JustAsk...Let The Spirit Guide You" I am a motivational speaker whose desire it is to "Empower You In The Marketplace". I believe that it is not doing certain things but doing things in a certain way which will lead to success both in your personal life and professional life.