Good morning my friends…..

George (my husband) and I have been talking recently about moving some plants around. He said that this time of year is good for moving plants because they go dormant. I guess it is a kind of sleep for plants, trees, shrubs and bears.

Some of our foliage has done so well where it has been planted that it is “out of control.” It is time to move out and replant for a new start.

I began to think about this in regards to our own lives. We have all heard the expression, “Bloom where you have been planted.” Do we think about this much?

Let me use as an example the house we live in. We could have picked from several homes when we were looking to move. Some how you just “know when you know” that you have found the right one.

The answers may not be clear in the beginning but you have the “right” feeling in your heart that you are where you are meant to be. You will begin to bloom where you are at. You will be used for a great cause if you end up where you are meant to be. There is direct guidance going on here.

When we moved into our new home we did it because there were so many children in the neighborhood. We knew that this would be good for our kids….and it was. Our house became the center of activity. My family instantly grew from 3 children to about 6 – 8 and still counting.

I always said that I enjoyed having all of the kids at my house because I knew what everyone was doing and I knew where my kids were. I guess I became the neighborhood Mom. So we began to bloom where we were planted.

Over the years we have continued to bloom into a huge bouquet. Our purpose continues to become clearer. Our original thought has grown into something which we never would have expected.

We never stop growing. We grow in our homes, our careers and our relationships. We are put in a certain place… even in a certain relationship for a specific reason.

I believe when things do not work out it is because we have run ahead without waiting on the answer. We think that we know. We think that we have the answers. You will truly know that you are in the “right” place when all things come together without much strife.

When you begin to bloom like never before…when you are stretched beyond your wildest dreams then you know that something is starting to happen. You are on your way to becoming a beautiful bouquet.

I’m sure that you have also heard the expression, “Dance like no one is watching.” Well may I suggest that you, “Bloom like you’ve never been planted.”

It’s time to rise and shine - meet the rays of the Son and reach higher than you’ve ever gone before. You just might be used in ways you’ve never dreamed of. So don’t jump ships just yet – see what’s in store for you – who knows you might just be in the right spot!

Enjoy your blooming experience. You will feel so different. Nancy

Author's Bio: 

Nancy A. Lennert, author of "The Good Idea" and "JustAsk...Let The Spirit Guide You" I am a motivational speaker whose desire it is to "Empower You In The Marketplace". I believe that it is not doing certain things but doing things in a certain way which will lead to success both in your personal life and professional life.