A lot of important themes are being brought to the surface of advertising and marketing as we dig down deeper into the world of advertisement.
Creative Junction being one of the top advertising companies in Pakistan, is dedicated to providing one stop solution for all your advertising needs, paired up with their sister concern, Mad Digital, a hub for digital media solutions.
A change is just around the corner, in the way business will be brought to limelight in the near future. With the sea of content already being published every minute of the day, one can ask a question, how long before we reach a saturation point? So what’s next then?
The next big thing in the market, which is already out there, but still treading and gradually taking over our day to day tasks, is the intelligent system. Also known as the ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Despite the hype, these systems are becoming more and more accessible to consumers, especially for marketing agencies.
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One of the major aspect in which artificial intelligence is altering the marketing for better user experience, also called as a programmatic medium. Contrary to traditional media buying method where humans have to manually do the budgeting which involves fixed costs, programmatic will determine the rate of each impression by the help of a dedicated algorithm. A way to determine your choice of audience and the ads you wish to show them. Hence, reaching the right audience with the correct message.
This method provides enhanced precision and personalization of messaging and media- as a consequence, increasingly effective targeted campaigns and less of what is known as “spray and pray” method.
Similarly, marketing businesses need to transform the advertising done in Pakistan by seeking what the consumer demand so they can fit to the best interest of their customers.
Therefore, Creative junction has promised to keep evolving with the latest trends in technology and keep thriving as the marketing and digital agency in Pakistan.

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Agha is a article writer and he is working with a advertising agency in Pakistan. He know the trends of advertisement and online marketing tactics.