♥ This edition of The Love Post is dedicated with Love to the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of the great Love teachers of our time, in thanks and appreciation for his tremendous service to humankind. ♥

As I dig deeper into the message that I came to share, I find that it’s really about helping you find your message.

In discovering our purpose and our passion, we connect with Love and the freedom that She brings.

I believe we were brought to life to enjoy this human journey. We are Love getting to know Herself in every glorious facet that emerges through the unfolding of space and time.

The splendor of this world deserves to be appreciated and admired. And the awe‐inspiring creature that you are merits respect and affectionate attention.

The Love You’re Made Of

Being a human has its challenges for sure. And our society tends to condition us to feel a sense of isolation, making us potentially self¬conscious and ill¬at¬ease.

We can easily mistake our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental labors as unique hardships.

You might wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

And you might feel like this being a person thing is a whole lot more than you really want to deal with.

But, since you’re already here, you may as well make the best of it!

And, truth be told, you’re perfect just the way you are. The problems that make you feel like you’re alone in your struggles are probably a whole lot more common than you think.

Love is here to help you figure out all the details. And to help you find a reason to be happy.

Once you’re happy, you get bigger than your problems and they lose their power over you.

The trick is getting happy now, instead of waiting for “When . . . fill in the blank” to invite joy into your life.

And to do that, I think the key is finding ways to express yourself every day. You want to find out how you can live so that you are an example of the full expression of Love.

What makes you feel alive and wonderful? Here’s a list of possibilities to get you thinking:

♥ Skipping (I Love to skip!)
♥ Running
♥ Swimming
♥ Biking
♥ Dancing
♥ Singing
♥ Drawing
♥ Painting
♥ Sudoku
♥ Scrabble
♥ Baking
♥ Writing
♥ Reading
♥ Playing with your kids
♥ Playing with your pet
♥ Talking with friends
♥ Working on projects You Love*

You’ve got the idea.

If what you Love isn’t on this list, hopefully you’ve thought of something that lights you up.

*If you’ve got a special message to share with the world, please find a way to do it! Love School can guide you through the process.

And once you’ve got it (Or several things, as the case may be), write it down. Figure out how to get more of it into your daily schedule.

Cut out the time spent on activities that aren’t really serving you. Whether it’s TV or social media gone awry, re-claim your time and focus on making yourself happy.

Choosing happiness allows Love to blossom in your life. And living a life you Love raises the collective vibration of the planet.

Let’s make Dr. Dyer proud.

Be the Love you’re made of and find a way to let out your full expression of Love.

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