Today technology plays a central role in our lives. If our ancestors, by some mean are re-incarnated in the 21st century, then surely they would not be able to recognize the world, and be shocked of the amazing inventions today. The world is now undeniably moving towards those technologies which we saw in science fiction movies only. For instance, back in the days, people used antennas placed on the rooftops to see only a bunch of channels and that too at a specific time. But, today we have smart LED TVs which have the ability to make you roam around the whole world.

Multynet is the Company which has launched its three series of smart LED TVs recently and has earned good name for itself by providing supreme quality and the smart LED TV price economical enough for everyone.

The impressive features of Multynet’s new smart LED TV series

The thing that creates difference in the product is its feature. The names of the smart LED TVs are SU7, NX7 and QA7. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of the smart LED TVs.

The different sizes of the smart LED TVs

Everyone has different needs and desires, some people like to have smart LED TV of giant size other like to have them in smaller sizes. Hence, the smart LED TVs are available in multiple sizes. The SU7 and NX7 series are available in four different sizes starting from 32” inches and the last size is 55” inches whereas the QA7 series is available in only two but large sizes of 65” inches and 75” inches. All of the three series are installed with the latest smart features.

LED TV online feature

All of the series have LED TV online feature, as they come with certified Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video, enabling you to access all the global content with ease.
The smart LED TV supports Google home feature
The smart LED TVs support Google Home feature that enables you to manage your home through your smart LED TV. Just connect all the artificially intelligent gadgets with the LED TV and control them all through Google home application.

The built-in Chromecast feature of the smart LED makes your life easier

The built-in chromecast has made your life much easier. If you have planned a gaming session with your friends at your home then this built-in feature will help you to make your party memorable. You can connect your mobile phones, tablets, IPad and any other external device to your best LED TV directly with built-in chromecast and enjoy the videos and games on the large screen of LED TV.

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Perfect visuals and DOLBY sound feature

If the quality of sound is miserable your movie will not give you the joy, you deserve. Prioritizing your joy and comfort, Multynet has instilled 4K picture resolution in their smart LED TVs along with DOLBY audio. Now, you don’t have to go to cinema, your cinema lies on the wall of your lounge in shape of Multynet’s smart LED TV.

Upgraded specifications of the series

The upgraded specifications of the smart LED TV series enable them to perform multiple tasks at same time. The smart LED TV now has 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, making the best LED TV technological wonder.

Multynet provides the best customer service

One may be hesitant to look at its price as the smart LED TV is instilled with amazing features, but you do not need to be worried, as told earlier, the smart LED TV price is market competitive and economical enough, and that makes Multynet’s smart LED TV the Best Led TV in Pakistan. The company facilitates you by providing LED TV online shopping feature, just place an order on their e-commerce store. They will deliver the best LED TV at your doorstep, and the best thing is, without taking any delivery charges.

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