Television has gone through a lot of changes ever since it was invented. Do you remember how the first ever television looked like? Some of you might have to google it but those of you are from an older generation must remember exactly how it looked like and what impact it had when it first became available to the public. Only a few people in a certain vicinity bought it and the rest would admire this weird invention. It was a box with moving pictures. It blew everyone’s mind. There was no sound, no color, but still the moving pictures were something that put everyone in awe. And gradually people started purchasing televisions for their homes. This new invention took everyone by surprise and opened up new possibilities which have made the amazing advancements in technology that we are witnessing today in the 21st century. It was an important step towards technological development and innovation.

People were reluctant to get this box with moving images at first, just as today some people are hesitant to do LED TV online shopping because they do not trust the medium for such a serious purchase. People have embraced smart LED TV comparatively better than they did the box with moving pictures. The reason is mainly that the user in 21st century trusts technology better than the one in the past. Our parents might be reluctant to but the smart TVs but once you show them the way to YouTube, they will quickly be on board.

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This convincing power that we have now is the result of innovation and advancement is technology. And of course with advancements there comes a lot of responsibility. Brands that are pioneers and those who are just getting into the game have to work towards bringing something new to the mix. Innovation is not easy and requires careful consideration on multiple levels whether it is an appliances brand or a car company. And when your core focus is on innovation you are driven towards touching new heights but even then you have to be mindful about what the consumer wants. Not everyone wants a gigantic television at their house, or a TV that can be divided into pieces. And for a market like Pakistan, you have to make sure that you are offering something that is within everyone’s reach and of their interest.

Getting people to take interest in your product requires extra efforts. Brands who work hard on creating something exciting for their customers but do not pay attention to push their product in the market through the right marketing techniques suffer and might eventually become obsolete. Because what good is a product if people are not going to get to know about it. What is important here is that you put efforts into marketing the product and that too for the right set of audience. A 12 year old will not buy a Television and so the TV ad should not be targeted towards that age group.

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