There are certain predefined ways and procedures to worship Lord Hanuman, so one could worship him with leaves, fruits, especially cooked dishes and prayers and then ask for boons, or even something like fulfillment of desires. However, this really could be seen as a lower level of worship.

One might worship the deity by singing Bhajans for Lord Hanuman which highlight the love for him.

This may be seen as the middle level of worship but is undoubtedly better than the lower level of worship as one is not asking for boons.

Nevertheless, the highest form of worship of Lord Hanuman is to understand the way Lord Hanuman lives his life, and also analyze more about the deity by meditating upon him. Then one would then inculcate the innumerable qualities of Bajrang Bali in his own life. One would then attain the all sustaining and everlasting grace of God, just as Lord Hanuman did.

This is the highest level of worship and is known as the Janan Yajna. While the middle level of worship is the Swadhyaya Yajna, Tapo Yajna refers to recitation of prayers, kirtans and singing of Bhajanas, such that these induce emotion within the devotee.

But the Bhagwat Geeta tells us that Jnana Yajna is the best form of prayer because through the same, you are infusing the core concepts of the faith deep within your life and psyche.

Lord Hanuman was thorough with all Vedas and Shastras and the nine grammars were taught to him by the Sun God himself. It is said that regarding the knowledge of scriptures, no one in the universe can be better than Prabhu Kesarinandan. Bajrang Bali is free from ego in all forms and he always stated Dasoham, it means that he is merely a humble servant of God.

Meeting Lord Rama may be seen as the true substance of life of Pawanputra Hanuman. Lord Rama was the human incarnation of God in his times. And in truth, the Vayuputra was awaiting a meeting with the human incarnation of God, as guided by his mother and many sages.

Deity Hanuman was possessed with the strength to jump up and reach Brahma Loka, the Kailasha Parvat or Vaikuntha. He could meet Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Even when he was young, all of the Gods appeared before him and gave him boons.

Understanding Lord Hanuman's desire to meet the human form of God is not just fascinating, but also imparts deep knowledge about life. Lord Hanuman had met the energetic forms of God, who are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

As humans, we believe we have come across God only when we see the energetic form of God, but we somehow fail to see and understand the human form of God in an ordinary human being.

As per the Valmiki Ramayana, we find that Lord Hanuman never worshipped the energetic forms of God in Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The energetic form of God can be worshipped only as an idol or photograph. But worshipping God in a human form brings us to a common medium, i.e. God in the human form as ourselves.

Lord Hanuman found out the human incarnation of God who prevailed in his times, and he worshipped Lord Rama with full devotion. This in essence was the very spiritual life of Lord Hanuman, and it is the same essence that we must know and recognize, as the same brings substance to our own spiritual existence.

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