Diwali is closing in fast, and it's an atmosphere of celebration all through the country.

It is during such times that people often think of visiting homes. As a part of the new found metro culture, families sometimes split after one of the kids is married off. They may move to a different place for better job opportunities, or just for finding more room for more people.

But during the festivities like holi and diwali, people often think of moving back to their hometown for celebrations with the entire family together.

It is a wonderful experience, really, to relive the memories of childhood and connect with your loved ones. You get to meet friends as well, and have a gala time with them.

In fact, it is not just for the one's working away from their hometown, but even students living away from their homes for their studies often think about dropping back to their homes on festivities like diwali and holi.

At times, even the people living abroad choose to take a break and return to their homeland for the special festivities. This is often seen as a gala event because when one lives abroad, chances to meet up could be fewer.

So the grandparents are delighted to see their grandchildren, all grown up.

And sometimes, people live in the same city, but in two separate households, for any reason, be it proximity to workplace, or simply some additional living space. But times for festivities are the best time to meet up with your family and loved ones, no matter where one lives. And that's because home is where the heart is.

Such is the aura of the festive environments that you by default miss your family. And even if one is not able to drop down to meet one's family during the festival season, just chatting up on phone does the trick.

Have considered getting a saree for your loved ones this diwali?

A saree is attire for a lady, and nothing matches a saree for the festive look it promotes.

A classy Indian ethnic wear, a saree simply radiates charisma and is a worthy investment, especially for occasions as graceful and joyful like diwali.

Color schemes are all for the taking, a saree is as charismatic an attiring as anything else, and really forms one of the best gifting choices as can be. It really makes sure that memories of the occasion stay bright in the minds of the circle of your family and loved ones forever.

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