I believe that there is something called fate, and then there is destiny.

Fate is something that we decided before we were born. We decided to learn things in this particular lifetime that may not be to our physical being’s liking—perhaps having abusive parents or some sort of addiction.

For you, now, from a human only perspective, you might feel victimized or unfortunate, whatever it might be, while your inner being, the Spirit that is the real you, chose the learning experiences to grow because of them and become more, to expand.

When we can understand that on some level we chose these experiences, it becomes easier to embrace them, to accept them as a part of our journey.

The occurrences are there anyway, so why not perceive it in a more positive way?

We chose the human experiences so that we can evolve and go beyond them. As strange it may sound, everything in life is in fact for us and not against us, and everything is also by us. When we can embrace this, it becomes easier to take responsibility and make profound changes in our life.

Maybe before you came here you decided to learn about forgiveness. How can you learn about forgiveness if you have no one to forgive? Perhaps you chose to learn about self-love and self-respect; how can you learn it if you haven’t experienced the contrast?

So while your physical being, the part of you grounded in ego’s perspective, is crying, feeling angry, and maybe offended, another part of you is trying to make itself heard by giving you the opportunities that you might call problems time and time again, until you learn.

Some of us never do; some people keep attracting the same old energy and challenges to their life, and every time it just gets bigger and bigger. This goes on until we really listen, and in some cases it escalates to the point that you know you are going to die if you don’t make a change.

When we hit rock bottom we know there is only one way to go from here, and it has to be up if we decide to stick around for a bit longer. From then on positive change is possible, because how we react to and handle life is totally up to us.

That’s how we create our destiny, and it doesn’t have to take half a lifetime to get to that point. You can decide to change direction right now.

Destiny is the part you create continuously, moment by moment. We all shape our own destiny by the thoughts we think, the beliefs we have, and we know what way we are headed by the feelings we have about every choice we make.

We feel ourselves in alignment with the journey, or the flow of life, that we decided on before we were born—the journey with our soul purpose.

The journey is all about us finding our way back with God and our soul.

How we do it is by shaping our own destiny. If we trusted and loved ourselves fully, it would be so much easier, but many of us keep going against ourselves by not putting our own well being first. And then we call it fate.

With a tone of hopelessness we say things like, “It’s meant to be, there is nothing I can do about it.” The situation might be your fate, but not your destiny—it’s never meant to stay that way. It might be what you experience right now, but everything passes, both the good and the seemingly bad; everything depends on where we are looking.

A light in the end of a tunnel, a door out to the other side, is always there. When you know it, then you can choose it. And now you know. You shape your own destiny by the choices you make right now.

If you don’t know exactly what to do or what choices to make, ask the universe for guidance and signs. Remember, too, that the angels are around us, waiting for approval to help. Ask them to help you and they will. Let them into your life by believing in their willingness to help you, and they will.

You have to you use your free will to give them permission to help you, and when you do, let them know that you would like the help to be harmonious for everyone involved. Do this so that the change that will happen goes smoothly and without any excess drama.

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Maria Erving is a personal development teacher and published author.

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