The New Year is just around the corner; hey, it’s the time to celebrate. Gifts are just one of the things that make the New Year all the more special.

TeleSky Shopping gives you a chance to celebrate in an entirely new way. Gift your loved ones something they would find handy for everyday usage, and the gift would be not just elegant, it would be so useful that your loved ones would be glad about having received the same from you.

Do you have a relative or a friend who is ailing with backache? Does the back pain bother him way too often, or does it frequently comes and goes? Is your friend even required to be bedridden at times? Or do you have a friend for whom you think physiotherapy would do well?
Surprise your friend this New Year! The Decompression Back Belt is a tremendous invention, and it simply makes sure that the pain goes away while the ailing back heals.

If someone you know suffers from recurring backache, you’d be aware that dealing with a backache, at times can be tough. One is required to take a off at random days, and the pain could offend one’s moods, even morale.

Back pain nevertheless is a commonplace occurrence, and being afflicted by back pain is something normal. But one still has to make efforts towards healing.

It is possible that one might choose to go for some physiotherapy sessions under the guidance of a professional. But there could be some issues involved in the process. Visiting a physiotherapist, every time one feels the pain – now, that could be problematic. Finding a physiotherapist, driving down some distance for a therapy session, finding a practitioner who genuinely suits your needs and requirements, each of these could be a problem of sorts.

And anyone would want to avoid taking painkillers, for as long as one can. The Decompression Belt could be a perfect New Year’s present. One can use the back belt at one’s convenience; one could use it as many times as one needs. One could even use it under one’s clothes, this is a snug fit, and others wouldn’t even know that one is wearing the Decompression Back Belt.

And The Best Part Is: This Really Works!

The Decompression Belt is based on the principle of traction. It comes with a hand operated air pump which one could use to inflate the belt, and as one goes on inflating the belt, it rises vertically in height.

As the belt rises vertically in height, it decompresses the spine. And this creates more space between the vertebrae, for the intervertebral discs which lie in between the vertebrae. So one could easily get over any underlying conditions, like a pinched nerve in the back, and correspondingly overcome the pain.

By decompressing the spine, the Decompression Belt allows the nerves to breathe! So the circulation improves, and the back gets more nutrition and heals itself, while becoming stronger. The Decompression Belt would work tremendously well for any underlying cause of the pain, like a herniated disc, sciatic leg pain, protruding disc, even something like osteoarthritic pain.

We could see it like; the Decompression Belt works by taking the weight of the upper body off the lower back, and the same has been known to be the leading cause of backache in most cases. With the Decompression Back Belt on, one feels lighter, the posture improves, one stands taller and finds the energy to do more. One could drive while wearing the Decompression Belt and feel no pain, play sports, wear it to work, while watching TV, or even wear it to bed.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Decompression Back Belt now, and use it for gifting this New Year. This is sure to be one of the most useful and high utility gifts that one could receive!

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