When you are building an online product, there is a specific need you want to meet. Since the needs of the users are unique, the product may not meet all their needs. It may push them to your competitors. Thus, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge to understand your clients' needs. WordPress gives you a variety of plugins you can use to create polls. However, Formidable stands out since it allows you to use images in your polls.

Formidable allows you to complete other tasks apart from polls. They include contact forms, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, etc. In this write-up, you will get insights into Formidable Forms and why it is the best poll plugin.

Why Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms plugin is innovative. It allows you to create a variety of items without the need to install extra plugins. These features make it popular with web marketers.

Another unique thing about the Formidable forms plugin is that free users have many tools to enjoy.

Also, it takes the form of building within WordPress seamlessly. It is even better if both form creation and management will Happen within the platform.

When you add radio buttons or a checkbox like in the image above, you will add images to your forms. You can then use image 9in place of the radio buttons or checkbox. Select the image size you wish to use in your forms. The sizes range from small to extra large.

You can use existing images in your file or upload a new image.

How to Add Polls Within the WordPress Dashboard

It is easy to add polls to WordPress using the Formidable forms plugin. After you build the form, you will need to add the fields. The drag and drop editor helps you accomplish the task. Customize the field options to finish the process.

Copy-paste the shortcodes to the page you wish to publish the form. Also, you can publish it with the widget of the plugin. The plugin allows you to add various forms of different types to your WordPress site. This makes your site interactive and user friendly. Also, the use of images in place of radio buttons makes it more interesting.

Other Features Within the Formidable Forms

Formidable forms give you powerful features that allow you to interact with your forms. Here are some of the features you will enjoy with this plugin.

Display Data with Views

When you are creating forms, you want to understand the clients' needs. You will get a clear picture if you view the data you collect with the forms. As you know, it is hectic to go through each one of the forms. This plugin can give you weekly views on the data.

Graphs, Charts, and Results

When polls are running, users trust the results if they are real-time. This is only possible if you have a section to stream in the results. You can show the results in the form of a graph or chart.


There are other features in the WordPress poll plugin that help you run the polls smoothly. You can customize the poll question for different target groups. Also, you can integrate the forms with email platforms and CRMs.

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