Some people might be ready to make some changes in their lives as we are now on part 3 of this series. One quick change that can be done immediately is to replace what you are drinking with one or more of these very healthy and vitamin rich beverages:

Fresh juice (not juice bought from the store loaded with sugar and other stuff, which is very bad) but get a juicer! They cost less than 50 bucks for a decent one and then you just cut the fruit or veggies up and feed them into the machine, the juice comes out in a cup, and you’re done. It takes about 10 minutes.

Herbal teas, you must have heard by now what tea does for the body. We are not talking about that huge cup of overly sweet tea that so many of us were raised on, that is so bad for you. But a cup of warm or cold herbal tea with no sweetener in it, if some is desired then at least use a small amount of organic or raw sugar, never the refined stuff.

You can also use honey or there are a number of good herbal sweeteners on the shelves today that will work well. Another one is water, never use bottled water or tap water though, get a water filter again not that expensive and always drink filtered water. Make your kids drink these items over their sodas and Kool aide and whatever else kids today think is “cool” to drink.

Now that you have some idea of what causes stress, notice what you do not see in there? Such excuses as: The kids are driving me nuts, the traffic is so bad, these red lights are so long and I am late to work, you are driving me crazy etc. That is because those are not causes of stress like most people will tell you. Those are the stressful situations that you cannot handle or process the right way due to everything else that has been talked about in the previous parts.

Now here are some of the issues in life that is associated with stress according to the American Medical Association: Faster Aging, fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, onset of disease, cellular dysfunction, depression, memory loss, inflammation, cholesterol problems, sleep disturbances, more severe allergies, immune suppression, slower wound healing, digestion problems, hormone imbalances, blood sugar concerns, free radical damage and mitochondrial malfunction.

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