When it comes to stress the standard American diet (SAD) plays a major role in how well the body adapts to those stressful moments and how quickly it can recover from them. The 300 cans of soda, 50 pounds of cakes and cookies and 20 gallons of ice cream the average American consumes, greatly contributes to mood swings and systemic imbalances.

The result is nutritional imbalances and deficiencies which leave our entire endocrine system undernourished for the jobs that it must do. Don’t confuse the two types of stress because they are not both bad. There is acute stress which is temporary and could save your life, also known as the fight or flight syndrome.

Our bodies do certain things to prepare us for danger when we are in situation where we could face life or death. Then there is chronic stress, this is the stress that is brought on us every day and sometimes for days in a row up to constant by how we live here in the good ole USA. From our nutrient deficient food to the pollution in our water and air to how we are taught, or not taught as the situation is, to see issues in life as well as everyday life itself.

Back to the food, even eating a healthy diet now days we cannot be certain that we are eating well, we must take vitamins and that is certain. We also must use herbal supplements that we know can do certain things for us such as Echinacea tea every so often throughout the week to avoid those bugs that can make us ill.

St. Johns Wort to help in the imbalances of our brains chemicals, vitamin c to replace the vitamin c that we are not getting nearly enough of, the vitamin D that is now in the spotlight as a root cause for many diseases both in kids and adults. There are numerous ones that could be listed here but we will move on because there we must learn what to do to change this negative cycle.

So what are we to do? Well for starters, stop eating processed meats and processed foods of every type. Stop drinking sodas, caffeine, those deadly energy drinks and quit eating candy and cakes and pies and sweets like there is no harm in it. Sweets have become a meal; it is supposed to be a treat, something we get very seldom but at least a few times a year.

Eat mostly organic and natural foods eat raw foods more than cooked foods that means eat fresh fruit and veggies as a meal don’t just treat it like a snack you grab every few months. Stop using the microwave; it is proven that this machine destroys what is left of the nutrients in your already nutrient deficient food! Get rid of that machine there is no need for it when you learn to slow down some.

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