Stress in itself simply does not exist, well not in the form of an actual thing. For those of us that live with everyday stress, we would scarf at that remark but it is actually very true, stress just does not exist alone it has to be conjured or created by you. This means it is all about how you are living and how you are thinking about life and how you see life’s issues.

It might come as news to you that your very lifestyle is what is causing your stress, let’s see if we can cover all your areas of confidence: “Take it from me a Natural Health and Living Expert, a medical school graduate, a Buddhist priest and last but not least an ex-stressful human being.” Alright so most of will say well I want to be stress-free but I cannot see just changing my whole lifestyle, this is the only way I know how to live.

Well, then you are in luck because all you have to do is add to what you have, not change it totally. With the addition of some activities that are proven to suppress stress such as daily meditation and the addition of some different ways of thinking and seeing life, you can end stress in your life. Now I will not sit here and tell you all you have to do is get out and walk every day because it is way deeper than that.

Stress is a real problem in people’s lives these days and if it is not gotten under control it can and will destroy your life. You see there are a number of things that contribute to the stress in your life and it’s not just what it may seem on the surface. Some of the root causes of stress are what you are eating, undernourished bodies are more susceptible to stress because what you put in your body feeds your mind.

It’s a pyramid effect, first, you buy nutrient deficient foods because sadly this is what is available, then you take it home and you do two bad things with it before eating it. Once you cook it, food loses its nutritional value as it is cooked. Two you microwave it, microwaves destroy whatever nutrients are left in the food and you are left with food that cannot nourish your body.

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