Let us now get to know in more detail about the Cat's Eye Stone.

The most characteristic feature of Cat's Eye Stone is its exquisite beauty.

The Cat's Eye Stone is found in a host of colors, green, yellow and brown being the most common among those. The white band which often occurs in the midst of Cat's Eye Stone makes it easy to recognize.

In Hindi, the Cat's Eye Stone is known as the Lehsunia.

This is a very special Gemstone, and yet another characteristic feature of the Cat's Eye Gemstone is its opaqueness.

The Gemstone Cat's Eye is hot in its constitution.


The Gemstone Cat's Eye is known to be related with the planet Ketu. Ketu is a planet which is vengeful in nature, and it signifies the south node of the moon.

In actuality, the planet Ketu does not exist as such.

So why is Ketu recognized as a planet at all?

Ketu is known as a planet purely because it is possessed with the capability to create a deep impact on the lives of people.

In essence, Lord Ketu is a ferocious planet and withholds Karmic influences within it. So the planet Ketu does have impact on a person's life, be it positive or negative. This is subject to the placement of the planet Ketu in a person's horoscope or Birth Chart.

The Cat's Eye Stone is also sometimes known as the Gemstone of Lord Ketu.

Let us now run through some of the major benefits of adorning a Cat's Eye Gemstone:

1. Characteristics of the planet Ketu have similarities with the characteristics of Saturn which is a dominant planet.

Just like Lord Saturn, Lord Ketu too is capable of bringing about an instant change in the lives of people, subject to its placement in one's horoscope.

By adorning a Cat's Eye Gemstone, it just might be possible that you are able to receive positive results instantly with the blessings of Lord Ketu.

2. When Lord Ketu resides in positive or favorable houses, an individual is sure to come across positive results.

This is achieved as Lord Ketu brings to fore the positive forces, and the individual is empowered to find spiritual enlightenment, and also accomplish his desires.

So when an individual adorns the Cat's Eye Stone, he would find or come across these benefits with a much greater degree of ease and comfort.

3. It is known that a Cat's Eye Gemstone facilitates one in achieving a higher degree of financial wellness and monetary benefits.

4. Lord Ketu also signifies the negative and evil forces of black magic, and also dosas, such as the KalaSarpa Dosa and Sarpa Dosas.

But when one adorns a Cat's Eye Stone, it allows one to get over these negative forces. The mind is then infused with positive thoughts, which augur well for an individual in every possible way.

5. If one is afflicted by serious disorders, adorning a Cat's Eye Gemstone is believed to be very helpful.


When Lord Ketu is placed in the twelfth house, the individual becomes more vulnerable in his actions.

In such a scenario, the person might tend to give in to exercises and patterns which are unlawful. The individual would then try and escape from the true substances in his life, and he would then come across issues, be it in business, or at his workplace.

As per Vedic Astrology, Lord Ketu is the master of evil spirit.

When placed in the twelfth house, he infuses the mind of an individual with considerations which are negative in nature.

The person then may find himself wavering from the right path in life. He might involve himself with activities or tendencies which have a wicked overtone, or might be against peace altogether.


It is the Pisces zodiac, and the planets Jupiter and Neptune which manage the twelfth house. In general, the twelfth house has a deep influence in framing the general state of mind of an individual, and the person's nature and intrinsic tendencies are defined by the twelfth house as well.

There are lots of negative effects that a person is required to bear up with when Lord Ketu is placed in the twelfth house. This even includes a person's relationship with his spouse. Some other ways in which Lord Rahu in the twelfth house could hinder an individual's progress is by posing obstacles in one's overseas journeys. One may even at times face a difficulty in matters such as obtaining a visa.

With Lord Ketu placed in the twelfth house, the individual tends to waste his money and energy alike in futile things, and these may even involve things that might over time affect the property. Abundance of the family life too could be affected.

With its influence on one's state of mind, the planet Ketu may have an effect on the disappointments a person undergoes in his lifetime, and maybe even the victories he might come across.


With a Ketu Dasa, one can expect to come across a host of problems and obstacles in life.

But there are nevertheless ways to overcome the same. One must make sure that one seeks an astrologer's advice.


For getting over the Ketu Dasa, Astrologers often recommend going for the Cat's Eye Gemstone.

So if a family member or you have Lord Ketu placed in the twelfth house, you may ask them to go for a Cat's Eye Gemstone as a ring or a pendant.


Ketu dasa, as defined by those knowledgeable about Vedic Astrology is one of the most dangerous dasas for human beings. It possesses within itself the capability to drive away positive results in ways which are unexpected.

And this is a dasa long in duration. It lasts for as long as 42 years!

When Lord Rahu does not suit an individual, it is just about sure to yield negative results in one form or the other.

However, when Lord Ketu is well placed in one's birth chart, abundance in life is sure to follow. One comes across good fortune, along with wealth, luck, good health, and a bright intellect as well.


With the Cat's Eye Gemstone, you come across prosperity, and the effect is almost instantaneous. Then, one is also empowered to get over the terrible effects of the planet Rahu which may have been placed negatively in one's Janam Kundali.


Cat's Eye is a divine stone. Within itself, the Cat's Eye Gemstone preserves the divine powers of Lord Ketu.

And when afflicted by the Ketu Mahadasa, one must wear the Cat's Eye Stone. So the Gemstone Cat's Eye would counteract the negative effects of Lord Ketu, and make way for bringing the planet's positive effects into our lives.

With the Cat's Eye Gemstone, one would lead a happy and contented life even while one suffers from the Ketu Mahadasa.


Let us now quickly run through the mythological tale which tells us about the origins of Rahu and Ketu.

The churning of the Milky Ocean is a famous story from Vedic Mythology, and tells us about the formation of the planets Rahu and Ketu. The Gods and demons together decided to churn the milky ocean to get the pot of amrita (immortal nectar) at the bottom. And when the nectar was found from the bottom of the ocean, the Gods wanted to ensure that demons do not consume the nectar.

The Gods and demons were seated on different sides, and Lord Vishnu disguised himself as the beautiful Mohini to distribute the nectar. She gave the nectar only to the Gods, but the demons, enchanted by her beauty, did not notice that she was not distributing the nectar among them. However a demon, Rahu noticed what was happening. He disguised himself as a God and managed to drink the nectar. The Sun and the Moon told Lord Vishnu what was happening, and he returned to his form and chopped Rahu into half with his Sudarshan Chakra. But Rahu had consumed the nectar and was already immortal. So he lived as two separate parts; Rahu, the head, and Ketu, the body.

Rahu and Ketu are the Karmic planets, and are greatly defined by the Karmas from our previous births. Through the Rahu/Ketu axis, we come to know about the main forces of Karmic desires. While Rahu is believed to be outgoing, verifying and aspirational, Ketu is self-examining, contradicting and detached.

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