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The Case Against Marijuana

Many people in these modern times are searching for various ways to escape from reality and life’s pressures.
While I will not get into the politics of this highly publicized issue it is clear to me that public sentiment has been driven by emotions rather than actual facts. Most folks joining in the political clamor are not looking out for the poor old guy with glaucoma or Parkinson’s but rather a solution to their own desire to drop out of reality for awhile…
Before getting into the medical ramifications of marijuana use, let’s review what has happened in Colorado since it’s legalization there.

Ahem…Well, fatal car accidents have trebled due to more people driving under the influence. This is the natural consequence of a drug which impairs judgement and can lead to a loss of motor skills.
Marijuana use has also skyrocketed there among teenagers and even expectant mothers. Both these groups have been mislead into believing that marijuana is safe. This it is not, especially in utero.
In our culture, addiction has been pandemic and it is well established that addicts of heroin and other opiates including prescription started by using alcohol and marijuana.
Medically, let’s review some facts.

Fact #1:
Smoking of any substance is deleterious to the lung and respiratory system. Smoke and secondhand smoke from marijuana is just as or even more dangerous than cigarette smoking!
According to the American Lung Association it will lead to the same problems as cigarette smoking including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and even cancer…

Fact #2:
There is ALSO a plethora of evidence that demonstrates long term damage to the brain itself.
Users frequently report problems with their short term memory both while using and between uses. Short term memory is the most fragile of all brain functions and is a good indicator that a real and sustained injury has occurred.
Also, the active component, tetrahydrocannibinol, when administered for 5 days or longer results in greatly increased numbers of receptors and changes their chemical binding capacity…no one knows exactly what this means…

Fact #3
Lastly, psychologically, primary changes in motivation and interest are well established in the medical literature. Is this good?

The legalization of marijuana is in my opinion, another terrible experiment being perpetrated upon the American public for dollars. Please review the facts before jumping on the bandwagon…or suffer the consequences!

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