Drawn from the training of the American Navy, the Bootcamps are a great success. In internship in remote areas, with professional sports coaches, once a year or throughout the year, what does this training method really consist of? What are the advantages? What is it betting on and is it right for you?

A varied training, commando-style!
As one can imagine an American military training, the Boot Camp includes a certain number of "essentials" of bodybuilding and sports training. Thus, it is based on two fundamental aspects which are cardio - in general, running in the great outdoors - and muscle strengthening exercises, such as swat, push- ups, burpees, jumping jack, etc. The goal is to build the whole body in a harmonious and intense way and to work on resistance to effort.

Moreover, since training is generally done in the open air, the idea is also to take advantage of the terrain to add difficulties: a tree trunk for jumps, accelerations uphill.

The plus: the spirit of solidarity
The great particularity of Boot Camp is to use the group spirit to surpass oneself. It is of course recognized that the fact of being encouraged, supported by partners in the effort, makes it possible to go through insurmountable difficulties individually.

The variations of Boot Camps
From this basic concept, many sports coaches and gyms have created their own Boot Camps, responding to their training methods and the desires and needs of their audience.

Some therefore offer very intense outdoor courses, with almost military discipline, with the aim of surpassing oneself, reaching one's limits and strengthening one's resistance.

Others offer weekly outdoor activities, combining cardio and muscle strengthening exercises, in a fun-loving group. Some are also focusing their camp on weight loss and detox.

Are you ready for Boot Camp?
Before committing to a Boot Camp it is better to know exactly what it is all about!

If you are starting a physical activity or resuming after a long stop, it is better to choose a relatively "soft" and fun Boot Camp, rather than a paramilitary version!

Moreover, if you have very specific goals and a real desire to achieve them, Boot Camp can be your solution!

The Boot Camp combines group spirit and intensive training. Today, there are thousands of variations of this concept. Before committing, do not hesitate to inquire, to visit the places, or even to give it a try if possible.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!