I have a true story I want to share with you.

I love travelling and was planning a road trip to Arizona with my boyfriend who had just moved from Australia to be with me in Canada. He had never been to the United States and was anticipating the adventure. I had been to Arizona a few years back with a girlfriend and had fallen in love with the beauty of the desert.

As I was sitting at my computer planning our trip, I heard a clear voice in my head say, "Take them with you." I knew 'they' referred to my mom and stepdad, John who lived in the same city. We had a very close relationship and John had now been with our family for over ten years. He had a big heart and treated both my brother Dwayne and I like we were his own children. I ignored the voice at first because I was looking forward to enjoying the journey alone with my boyfriend.

I knew the voice within was my Higher Self and usually I listened as it always guided me in the right direction. Sometimes I rebelled like in this case. If you know anything about your Higher Self it is persistent and if the voice is ignored it will create a scenario that will undoubtedly get your attention.

The next day for some reason, we could not start the car. Thankfully, we had a friend who is an auto mechanic and he came over to inspect and give us a quote on repairs. Unfortunately, he found other problems that needed to be addressed especially since we were planning a long road trip. The quote was much more than we had anticipated and vehicle repairs would cut a huge chunk out of our vacation budget.

My mom called that evening and I told her the news and that we would be postponing our trip. Then the voice in my head, repeated loud and clear, 'Take them with you." I then asked my mom if they would be interested in travelling with us to Arizona. My mom was thrilled with the idea and said she would call me back. Within an hour, my mom called and stated that her and John would love to join us, however; my stepdad made it clear that they wanted to split the expenses. This was perfect as now we would not have to postpone our trip.

Within a few days we were off on a two week trip stopping in at the Grand Canyon, then onward to Sedona and Sottsdale. I had organized the entire trip and also made room for spontaneity. Since it was late September I arranged for all of us to celebrate my mom's seventy first birthday in Sedona. The contrast of the red rock and greenery was magnificent and I shared with my stepfather the best way to take in the scenery was a helicopter tour. He wanted to make my mom's birthday special and within moments these two daring seniors were on a ride of a life time.

Our trip was filled with abundant blessings, laughter and newness. My mom and John, had been the perfect travel companions and I was so grateful for listening to my Higher Self.

About six months later I was sitting in my office getting ready to expand my coaching practise, when my Higher Self repeated the exact same words - take them on a trip. Well, this time I had no intentions of travelling anywhere and returned my attention on my marketing plan. What I needed right now was clients and besides I did not have the time or budget to go anywhere. Or so I thought. Again, my Higher Self was persistent and within moments my mom called sharing news about her aunt in Pasadena, California and how she would one day love to visit her. I knew my mom and John would not travel to the US alone so I Googled a few hotels to check out accommodation options.

I was learning to listen to my Higher Self so I called my mom back and asked it they wanted to go on another trip. Well, my mom was delighted and this time my step father made me an offer I could not refuse. He said, if I planned, organized and chauffeured them around, then he would pay for my trip. And he would not take no for an answer. So I booked a flight and the three of us flew to California for a week holiday.

Since my stepfather was paying for the trip I attempted to keep us on a budget and had rented a midsize vehicle. Upon landing, we discovered that the rental agency had no midsize vehicles left. The only vehicle left was a Cadillac SUV which they gave us for the same rate as a mid size. We would be holidaying in style.

On this trip I discovered many things about my step dad, John. I found out that he had never worn shorts or running shoes. I was totally amazed but then knowing him I quickly understood. He was an eighty year young, handsome, Scottish gentleman and was always sharply dressed. He took pride in his appearance and it took a few days to convince him but to our surprise he actually bought himself a pair of walking shorts and running shoes. He just laughed when he saw his thin legs and joked about how white they were.

Driving up the coastline, I was drawn to pull over at a beach. It was a cloudy day and parking lot was half empty. Perfect for a walk on the beach. We all took our shoes off, walked across the warm sand and dipped our toes in the water.

As I took pictures of these two amazing human beings who were laughing like children, I realized my stepdad had tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was ok and he said, "In all his years he had never felt the ocean between his toes before." I had no idea. Tears of joy ran down my face and gratitude filled my heart.

We had many firsts on that trip and we were blessed with ease and grace in every moment. I was so glad once again to have followed through with the wisdom of my Higher Self.

Two months later, guess what? The voice. Again! Yes, I was hearing the exact same words - take them with you. This time I listened and I was feeling drawn to invite my whole family which included my brother Dwayne, my mom and John as well as my dad and my step mom who lived in a small town in BC. My boyfriend and I had broken up by this time; however; we were still friends and my family adored him. And yes, both sets of parents were great friends and were thrilled with the idea of all of us travelling together.

So I organized and planned a four day weekend getaway for all seven of us to fly to New York City. My brother Dwayne and I had been to the big apple several times in our previous business and now we were excited to finally show off this amazing city to our parents.

Again, two months later I was sitting at my computer writing and once more I heard the wisdom of my Higher Self - take them on a trip. It may sound a little crazy but I have learned to listen to my Higher Self even if I did not know the reason in the moment.

So I called my mom and step dad and asked if they wanted to travel to California and spend her seventy second birthday in Santa Barbara. They immediately said yes and the three of us were off for another miracle filled adventure. I chauffeured them up the coast to a beautiful resort were we wined and dined, laughed till we cried, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Home again, not having been back from our trip for more than a week my mom called to say how much she enjoyed travelling with me. And that her and John were wondering if we could go to Hawaii on our next trip. I love Hawaii and was thrilled with their choice of a tropical destination. When I hung up the phone, I realized I did not feel the same sense of urgency as I had experienced for previous trips. I waited to hear the words whispering from my Higher Self. Those words never came.

Within a month I discovered why. My step father John had not been feeling well and decided to see his doctor. While there, they rushed him to the hospital and that day was diagnosed with advanced acute leukemia. Within a week he passed away.

I share this incredible experience with you to encourage you to always listen to your inner voice of wisdom even if it doesn't make sense. Your Higher Self always knows what is best for you and what is best for others and if you listen you are sure to be guided on an amazing adventure.

I am so grateful that I took the time to listen. I am so grateful that I did not use the excuse, of being too busy. In saying yes to life, I got to witness and experience another side of a man that I had known for many years, in a completely different way. These trips were a blessing for all of us and the memories I have are unforgettable. Just hours before my step dad passed away he shared with me, that this had been the best year of his life. He was deeply grateful for the time I gave him.

On a little side note. Six months later, I took my mom to Maui, Hawaii were we received many gifts from spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Karen Klassen is an Enlightened Love Coach who empowers individuals and couples to recognize the soul or divinity within themselves and their partner or spouse. Seeing beyond the personality allows for all anger, resentment and past issues to dissolve giving way for a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Karen can be reached at http://www.imagineseminars.com or karen(at)imagineseminars.com