In recent year, the Arab countries, especially the Arab Gulf region, have witnessed a major revolution in the field of e-commerce, many online stores have emerged in this era and one of the best stores you can find is Home Box which is specialized in home decor.

Here in this article I will show you the best and more affordable shopping methods through this distinguished store. Using the Home Box promo code provided by Al Mowafir website, and before starting to explain how, we should talk about Al Mowafir website.

It is considered as the largest Arab platform in the field of coupons and discounts as it provides coupons from more than 70 Arab diverse online stores.

But first, we need to have an idea about Home Box and what it offers to the clients worldwide.

What are the advantages of shopping from Home Box store ?

Simply, Home Box store offers you a unique experience in the field of home tools and furniture shopping. If you are about to buy a new home, or you are changing your home furnishings, or want to change your home decor, Home Box is an ideal place for you to choose what suits your budget and taste.

You do not have to navigate to dozens of stores in order to shop, just open the website and enjoy the unlimited choices and amazing prices. The store offers many advantages and here is a list of the most important products you can find:

- Furniture: In this section you will find many products in a list that includes more than 20 departments, which includes tables in all their forms, dining tables and other dressing tables in addition to mattresses and drawers of various shapes and colors, as well as children’s furniture and living room furniture. You will absolutely enjoy the variety and competitive prices on the website compared to what is offered in the market.

- Second: The next step is to search for Home Box store. Use the search tool and type in the word "Home Box". A section will appear for you, click on it and you will get the result as in this picture.

- Third: Choose the coupon that suits your shopping nature and click on the coupon above the phrase "Get the offer", this will take you directly to Home Box website and the discount will be applied to every purchase you make.

- The bedroom section is very important and rich in content, especially for those who are about to get married, and here you will find more than 200 room models, the style can be Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian and Italian. You can find all types of red wood and solid wood. As for prices, there are cheap, medium and expensive prices, which are usually made from the finest types of wood. So everyone is going to find what suits him or her.

- A section devoted to the kitchen, and this is an important section. Here you will find everything that comes to your mind regarding kitchen tools, utensils, cooking utensils, knives, spoons, tables, and kitchen cleaning supplies in all their forms, materials and types.

- In addition to these main sections, there is a group of sections that deserve to be inspected, for example: dining, general decor, special and temporary offers, in which you may find some supplies at very low prices.

How can I use the coupons provided by Al Mowafir for shopping through Home Box?

It is so simple, a piece of cake!! In this second part, I will explain to you how to use the Home Box discount code that Al Mowafir offers exclusively, the discounts may reach more than 60 percent on many supplies. To take advantage of this offer, you only need to follow the following steps:

- First: You have to search for Al Mowafir website in Google search engine or through the direct website link, just click here. You will immediately open the main page as it appears in this picture, the main page displays more than 70 Arab and international stores including the Home Box store.

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i am asad tawana, e-eCommerce expert. i have handled many websites for their leads improvements.