So you went on the web for LED TV online shopping and you found according to you the best LED TV in Pakistan. You are also a fan of movies and you absolutely love comedies. If that is the case, then you must love Adam Sandler movies. The man got his start as a comedian on Saturday night live and then later went on to have questionable yet highly successful career. I would buy the best LED TV in Pakistan just to watch his movies.
If you want to spend this weekend laughing and having a good time. Then you should definitely watch the following movies.

Punch Drunk Love:

Punch-Drunk Love, while not without its critics, was a significant turning point in the career of Adam Sandler. Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece is a remarkable revelation for Sandler, having described himself as a silly, boyish comedian through his eccentric cast of characters on Saturday Night Live, and his string of commercially popular studio comedies in the '90s. It demonstrated the incredible complexity and undervalued conviction of his character work with Barry Egan, a socially inept, mentally disturbed, emotionally-stunned businessman who over the intense 95-minute runtime of the film, finds himself in a hornet's nest of trouble.
But his self-loathing, frustration and his love for Emily fuels his rage to make things right by any means. It was never the conventional Adam Sandler movie we are accustom to. However, till date this is one of Adams finest work.

Billy Madison

This movie was one of the goofiest original ideas of all time. Adam had a lot of critics on his back with the release of Billy Madison. However, that does not matter as the movie turned out to be a commercial success. The story revolves around Adam Sandler having to go through grade 1-12 to inherit his father’s fortune. This wacky comedy helped improve Adams image in the eyes of the public who saw him as lazy, rude and with temper problems at the time. This 90s movie is an instant classic and is still liked by today generation.

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Funny People

This was another layered performance by Adam Sandler, where the audience got to view the more serious and dramatic side of him. The movie is a mix of comedy and drama. It has an exciting cast of seriously funny people such as Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Eric Bana and others as such. Adam plays the character of a successful comedian who has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Now he is regretting his past decisions and with the company of Ira Wright played by Seth Rogan.

Happy Gilmore

Another wacky comedy by Adam Sandler, the kind of comedy he has always been famous for. Adam is a struggling hockey player with a cracker of a shot, but he can’t skate to save his life, finds his calling as golfer a game for gentlemen. His screaming, shouting and crazy displays of a fragile masculinity was at its peak in this movie. One of my all-time favorite Adam Sandler movies to date. This movie was even more absurd than Billy Madison.

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