Hundreds of apps are available on mobile devices. Apps deliver countless telephone use options, ranging from games and productivity instruments to social media and video apps. It is more important than ever for business owners to be approached by mobile users.
Any company's success is proportionate directly to the overall strength of its channels of communication. But there are different user options on the communication channel. Many consumers prefer digital channels, while others directly call their company and prefer to speak to a real person.
Click to call allows consumers to call a company and speak to a true person by simply clicking on a picture, icon, text or connection. As a web-based communication technology. Many businesses nowadays click on the option to make a callback on their websites, mobile apps, digital ads, and ad landing pages. This option allows customers through a callback to connect with a company/brand at zero cost.

Recently, AdWeek has found that customers use their devices for up to five hours every day. Also, this time is spent surfing and studying companies online–52% of all web traffic is now mobile.
Click-to-call Service is ideal for businesses that want to enhance customer experience by enabling the identification of company telephone numbers for customers. Using click to call plug-ins to build the company's Omnichannel experience.
It functions as an application by allowing customers to call your company when visiting your website.

Why Is Click-to-Call So Powerful?

Click-to-call is important because it makes it easier for consumers to contact businesses via their most commonly used apps. Some statistics show why the click-to-call is so powerful.
· Customers are still calling. Even with online resources, customers still frequently call businesses when they need something. Sixty-one percent (61%) prefer phone over email (60%), live chat (57%), and online knowledgebase (51%).
· Mobile searches frequently lead users to call a business. Most customers who search on their phones end up calling a business. Seventy percent (70%) of mobile searches have used click-to-call buttons (via Google).
· Searchers veer away when they can’t find a click-to-call button. When mobile users search for a business, they want to find a click-to-call button. Forty-seven percent (47%) of mobile searchers said if they don’t see a phone number for a business, they are likely to explore other businesses (via Google).
· Mobile searches often have purchasing intent. Audiences who search, find a phone number and call a business often have purchasing intent. Sixty-one percent (61%) of mobile searches said that click-to-call is an important part of their purchasing process (via Google).
· Customers still buy over the phone. Calls can lead to sales. Forty-five percent (45%) of consumers initiated a purchase over the phone (via KissMetrics).
click to call is powerful and important, because without it -- your business could be missing opportunities to connect with customers and increase sales.

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