• Tax write-off - A portion of your mortgage/rent payments, and utilities, phone, gas, equipment, fixtures, supplies and other capital expenditures might be tax-deductible.

• Savings – You will save additional cash by not having to purchase restaurant lunches or buying coffee.

• Time Saver – You won’t waste time in traffic getting to and from work, which can save you hours a day. This means more productive time and less exposure to pollution, and will also save you a considerable amount of money each month in transportation and possible parking costs.

• No office politics – One of the banes of working in a close office environment is that there is usually an office gossip, or that irritating or annoying person you have to work with. Working from home you have none of this and when you meet others for business it is usually on a very pleasant basis.

• Flexible hours – It makes sense to work set hours around your family, but you can choose these hours to suit. It is ideal if you have to work around kids school hours as it leaves you free to drop them off and pick them up if needed and be there for their meals. It also makes it easy to schedule appointments like dentist and doctors and to do the necessary shopping. In other words your time is your own. This can be great for active families but again it is important that you are able to set aside the time to actually do the work needed to work your business.

• No long term commitments – There are no long term leases or contracts and can easily be set up your business in a spare room or your basement.
Working from home can be a great benefit as you control you own time and can work comfortably around your family. You do need to consider the impact on your family and also if you have the temperament and self-discipline to actually work with the normal distractions of a home environment.

You also need to consider whether you will have the social interaction you are used to as it can get very lonely. This is especially the case if you are used to working in a busy environment with lots of people around and suddenly go to working at home on your own and your business is web based.

If you are able work under these conditions working from home has many benefits.

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