Growing as a company, whether from a SME to a large emporium, is not easy and that is nothing new. The ups and downs, setbacks and unforeseen events that any business owner goes through are countless, but also the lessons that come from each stumble. The tools that every entrepreneur can use are very varied and with different functionalities from the renowned SAP system , to consultancies that can enrich the company or business.

Let's talk a little about the importance of business consulting, as part of a series of actions to be taken in favor of business growth. This service, which can be accessed by owners, government representatives, CEOs or company directors, consists of receiving the help or guidance of specialists in different topics for the solution of specific current or future problems to come, as well as in the implementation of improvements, good practices, etc.

The main objective of business consulting is to offer useful and applicable recommendations, as well as specific measures, all with the interest of improving the image of the company, increasing productivity, being better positioned against the competition, etc. The supply of the consulting market has grown exponentially from the 90's to date, only in the United States of America the consulting firms exceed 6000 establishments. It has become a very popular practice for companies of all sizes, from large consortia to medium and small companies.

There are basic characteristics that must be taken into account when considering the option of hiring a firm or person to do a consultancy:

-It is a service of intellectual value that provides knowledge and professional skills for the detection and solution of problems.

-The consultancy is a service that is given for a certain period of time in an impartial and professional manner, where you are paying for the experience of the consultant or consultants.

-The consultant in question has the responsibility to work for the quality of the company that is advising at the time and to comply with a confidentiality agreement.

-It is important to be clear that an advisory or consulting service is not a magic or miraculous solution. Do not create false expectations regarding such service. It is important to talk about this before the company-consultant to be clear about the scope and objectives.

-However, it is expected that the consultancy will result in tangible, specific and measurable advances depending on the time the consultancy was held.

-Patience is important as it is hard work for the consultant and it takes time to study the company prior to implementation.

-In economic matters, the company must be aware that it is an investment since what is going to be obtained is much more than the cost, even if it is in the long term.

-A professional business management consulting from being fully related and informed with the knowledge and updating of new systems and processes, for example, the SAP system, as well as avant-garde methods and techniques depending on the company's line of business.

-The company must be open to change, which is in itself the main reason for hiring a consultancy that brings new proposals and recommendations for improvement. It is advisable to inform the staff of this in advance so that the whole team (small or large) is in the same boat.

-For this reason, the participation and cooperation of all the parties involved become essential to bring the advice to fruition in general and have the quality sought by the company as a final result.

-It is good for entrepreneurs to know that the range and variety of areas in which they can receive consulting is very wide, from administrative issues, human resources, production, customer satisfaction, etc. and that the size of your company does not matter.

Let's summarize the benefits of a consulting service in 3 conclusions:

-It is the reception of intensive help, fresh and objective look for a specific period of time.

-It allows to have more clarity on the weaknesses and strengths of the business and the tools that can help reduce those weaknesses and enhance those strengths.

-With an optimal consulting service and subsequently well applied, small and medium-sized companies can grow and large ones remain as market leaders.

Focusing precisely on the issue of the size and dimension of the companies and their scope, is that we enter the subject of the SAP system that for a few years now has ceased to be unreachable for SMEs and has offered more accessible versions, allowing more companies to access to the benefits of having an interface that provides the necessary support for your systems, applications and processes. Definitely a very useful and necessary tool for the current era. Not for nothing has said system been widely used around the world for a long time and always with the best evaluations.

At Evolve It we are precisely focused on providing the best service to our clients in terms of business development, growth, technological tools such as the SAP system , consulting and problem solving, among many other options. We have more than 15 years of experience and clients that support and recommend us in sectors as varied as the textile, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food industries, among many more. We are proud to say that we have seen Mexico grow through its industry and that is why we are the best option for your business. Contact an Evolve It advisor to learn about all the options and tools we have to grow your business.

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