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Why is it sometimes difficult to awaken people to what is right in front of them?

I’ve distinguished four distinct places someone may be in their awakening journey. Similar to understanding personality styles, understanding these four paradigms will help us relate with more people. And, it may accelerate the awakening of our planet!

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This is not the truth; just a way of looking. As always, I write to offer alternative perspectives, illustrating extremes for emphasis and entertainment. No model is perfect, but we can learn from aspects of various models in our own understanding of the world.

In this Awakening Matrix, the left column in the visual represents people who are primarily “conditioned” while the right column represents people who make conscious choices much of the time. The top row represents individual thinking, while the bottom row represents those people who work collectively. This creates the four quadrant possibilities, with a detailed explanation and visual below:

1. Conditioned people who are individualistic. (Asleep)

The majority of society currently fits into this category. Most of their perspectives and opinions are based on mainstream media or mass advertising. They are fashionable because they keep us with superficial trends. Fitting in and looking good are important attributes which usually supersede health and financial priorities. These people thrive on instant gratification, and are self-centered.

2. Conscious choosers who are individualistic. (Conscious Love)

This group of people includes the personal development junkies and new age spiritual gurus. While they understand their power to create in the universe, they are elitist to their own teachings (like Landmark Forum), and sometimes hypocritical. Many of the “Secret” followers take philosophies to a radical extreme, and then criticize religions that do the same. Religions do understand community, and that’s why they are part of the third quadrant.

3. Conditioned people working collectively. (Collective Action)

Those in this group have great hearts and are passionate about their causes. Whether their mission is charitable, humanitarian, or political, they are determined to cause positive change. Unfortunately, these activists (whether for God or for “the people”), do more harm than good. When people confront them with the corruption of their leaders or the hidden agendas of their institutions, they turn a blind eye in denial. At the risk of offending some, but for the sake of example, consider environmentalists (who won’t consider that climate change is a fraud), raw food vegans (who become unhealthy themselves), and company-exclusive network marketers (who perpetuate the negative stigma).

4. Conscious choosers working collectively. (Love & Right Action = The Awakening)

This is the next stage of humanity. It is integrating the power of our will with the power of numbers. That is what causes massive change. People like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki understand this, while the masses (and quadrant 3) make fun of them. People like Alex Jones and David Icke understand this, while the masses (and quadrant 2) make fun of them. We all need to become the “activist” to change the world, and we all need to “be” the change we wish to see first. Like Deepak Chopra says, “Love without action is meaningless, and action without love is irrelevant.”

See both visuals at http://ordinarywords.com/matrix

I deliberately picked some awakening icons that the masses might be negatively triggered by. They would attack or ridicule these people and question their character, instead of rationally dealing with the content and quality of their work. As Gandhi said, first they ignore you (zombies in quadrant 1), then they laugh at you (the selfish lovers in the quadrant 2), then they fight you (the righteous and arrogant in quadrant 3), and then you win (some people migrate to quadrant 4).

No quadrant is meant to be less than or more significant than another. All four exist (with infinite gradients) and so our challenge is to coexist with these different ways of being.

Now, it is easier to wake up quadrant two and three, than quadrant one. Where do you spend most of your time?

...I just realized that this understanding is consistent with my motto, “Let’s love the world together...”

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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