The anatomy of CBD oil involves what CBD is and what it is not. There are plenty of CBD oils and tinctures on the shelf today, but they are definitely not all created equal and only you can decide which CBD oil is best for you. Everyone responds to CBD differently so as you move through the experimental phase, note any positive or negative reactions to certain milligrams, etc. Here are some important factors that may help you chose which CBD oil is best for you:

  • full-spectrum, containing 0.3% THC or less,

  • made from U.S.-grown hemp,

  • third-party tested and has a COA,

  • to take orally,

  • CBD oil – made by infusing cannabis in a carrier oil,

  • CBD tincture – make by soaking cannabis in alcohol and water.


The Anatomy of CBD Oil – The Type of it All

Full Spectrum Type

Full spectrum CBD products means that all the cannabinoids, all the terpenes, all the flavonoids and other natural compounds remain in the product. If you are smoking a CBD hemp flower nug or rolled it into a hemp paper or using the hemp pre-rolls, you are partaking of a full spectrum product. Nothing has been taken out of it. What this also means is that all full-spectrum products undergo the least amount of processing.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is identical to full spectrum except it goes through an extra process to eliminate all of the cannabinoid, THC. When we explore the CBD effectiveness, it is safe to calculate that the broad spectrum is within a few points of being as effective as the full spectrum.


Isolate refers to an oil that has had all the natural compounds removed expect CBD. The isolate oil is the most processed because it requires so much taken out. Isolate oil can test as high as 99% pure CBD.

The Anatomy of CBD Oil – What it is Not

There may be 3 different oils related to hemp but there is only one CBD oil. Be aware of this when you go to make a purchase because some vendors are selling hemp oil for CBD oil or Hemp Seed Oil for CBD oil and it is not. There is a difference between the each of the following oils:

  • Hemp oil,

  • Hempseed oil.

CBD oil is made from the leaves, flowers, and stalk of the hemp plant because that is the only location of CBD oil. Hemp oil is made from the hemp plant's flowers and hemp seed oil is made from the hemp seeds. Do you know what this means? It means it has no CBD content in it or very, very little. CBD and all the plethora of compounds are what make it the powerful pain reducer or positively mitigate inflammation, being a panic attacks and anxiety buster but if you are using hemp seed oil or hemp oil and do not feel that it is doing any good, they may not be. Hemp seed oil and hemp oil may have some health benefits however, if you are on the prowl for full-spectrum CBD oil, make that clear to the vendor from whom you are purchasing from. If you are in doubt, ask for the COA on the product.

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is beneficial for cooking your favorite cut of steak if you want a different oil for baking and cooking. But it has none of the compounds that effect healing and hemostasis in the body. Hemp seed oil does have some health benefits such as mild anti-inflammatory effects, but it does not have sufficient levels of CBD to be called “CBD oil”, so beware.

The Anatomy of CBD Oil – The Fake of it All

People practice lying so that they can do it undetected. This is cruel to the consumer and it hurts the rest of the CBD hemp flower industry. The consumer is hurt, many times harmed and sadly feel duped.

# 1 Way to Spot Fake CBD Oil – No Certificate of Analysis

The CDC calls fake CBD oil, dangerous designer drugs That is accurate because they are designed in a lab and they are not regulated or tested for purity and accuracy, so they are dangerous. 3rd party testing is required of the vendor before he or she sells the product. The tester will provide a COA with the product for verification. If you are shopping online at Dr. Strains CBD, lab tests are listed for all their products. This is because Dr. Strains is a tried and true vendor with verified products.

# 2 Way to Spot Fake CBD Oil – Low Price

CBD oil or CBD hemp flower is expensive. Extracting CBD oil is a complicated process and so it is expensive. When a vendor offers a “cheap” bottle of CBD oil, ask to see the COA or look at the teeny, tiny print which you may need a magnifying glass to see. The smaller the print the more fake it is. So, beware.

If the vendor says to submit credit card information to get a free bottle of CBD, beware! These vendors must be reported so they do not hurt endless number of consumers.

# 3 Way to Spot Fake CBD Oil. – False CBD % Amount

CBD oil may be truly CBD but the manufacture will state that it is a much higher percentage of CBD than it is but sell it for the same high price. Besides this being terrible irresponsible, it is hurtful to the consumer because they think they are getting CBD oil with 25% CBD in a dropperful and it is really only 10%.

A 3 oz. bottle of sublingual CBD tincture, priced at $50 and containing only 100 mg of CBD is not a good deal because you are paying $0.50/mg. A 1 oz. bottle priced at $132 but with 3000 mg of CBD would be $0.04 a mg. Get your calculator out and take your time making sure you are getting what you are paying for. Research on how the CBD oil is extracted and processed and tested is worth your time.

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