So I made a mistake.

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

I decided to “Change things up” at the Love Post.

Several months ago, I thought re-focusing on creating other content would provide more value to you, my reader.

And I’m working on some exciting stuff that I’ll be sharing with you soon...

What I’ve now discovered, though, is that I lost momentum by letting The Love Post schedule slide.

And I left you without the consistent positive encouragement that you’ve come to expect from The Love Post.

I’m sorry.

And I’m fixing it. Right now.

Back on Track

The lesson I learned from this experience is that non-negotiables have amazing power.

When I set my mind to a twice a week schedule, there was no stopping me.

It was a given. Whether I was feeling it or not, it didn’t matter.

Even if bedtime ran late and I was tired, it was Love Post day, so I was writing.

Whether it turned out to be a really fantastic post, or just some thoughts on the page, I delivered.

And it was thanks to a simple, non-negotiable schedule that I created for myself.

Kind of incredible, huh?

I know that looking back, I feel very glad that I did make up that “imaginary” requirement.

That’s really all it was...

It was my self-determined condition that had to be met.

And you know what? I met it.

Simply because I made a decision. And I committed to it.

I didn’t leave room for excuses.

It was only when I let myself find a reason to back out of my obligation that things went “wrong”.

And instead of producing more, I let myself slide down a slippery slope of non-production...

Because I didn’t enstate a new more rigorous schedule for creating value.

Your Take Away

First of all, I hope you can forgive me!

Please know that I’m truly dedicated to helping you create a life that you absolutely Love!

And I want you to learn from this too! (No need to make my mistake ~ I already made it for you!)

What do you need or want to be doing that keeps getting put off to a later date?

Probably because it hasn’t actually made it’s way onto the calendar, right?

Whatever it is, go ahead and decide when it’s going to happen.

Just decide.

Write it in your planner.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of the possibilities:

♥ Tuesday night meditation.

♥ Daily morning workout 3 minutes (This will change your whole life!)

♥ Sunday afternoon reading session.

Once it’s a non-negotiable, you save a ton of energy resisting or procrastinating.

You just do it. It’s like magic!

So, I’m back on track and I hope you’ll join me in choosing some non-negotiables that make this your best year yet!

Love & Gratitude ~ Mary Anne

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