Surely each of you, and someone more than once, thought about repairing an apartment or house. And what kind of repair without replacing windows? The most interesting thing is that, despite the great popularity of plastic windows all over the world, not everyone has become their owners. In order to help you figure out whether it is worth installing plastic windows or not, we will talk about their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps our story will help you finally decide to replace windows.

Let's start with the main reason. Why do you refuse to change the glass unit?

No one disputes that your old windows look great if you regularly renew the paint on the frames, warm them with pleasure in the fall, and scrub them to shine in the spring! This is a wonderful way to spend your energy and time on work, which can be avoided ...

Let's assume you like it. And you also like wood - an excellent building material, environmentally friendly and proven. Just do not forget that it also wears out and undergoes aging. Frost and heat, precipitation and wind - all this can destroy a wooden frame over the years of operation. And painting also contributes to frame wear. As a result, the apartment has constant drafts, street noise, dust, which only intensify over time. Perhaps it's time to seriously think about replacing old wooden windows with plastic ones?

Chances are, you are already prepared to accept a number of reasons for replacing windows. And we are ready to tell you about all the indisputable pros and cons of plastic windows.

The first and main plus is heat saving
The history of plastic windows began in Europe, where energy prices began to rise noticeably, and it became extremely costly to maintain housing, paying for heat loss. Enterprising Europeans were looking for ways to keep warm and the result of such searches was a new product on the market - plastic windows. The invention became very successful and justified the hopes placed on it, perfectly coping with the task of heat conservation.  

The second plus is excellent sound insulation
Have you ever tried to analyze how much unnecessary noise enters your home through window cracks? This monotonous continuous noise can negatively affect your health, making it impossible for you to fully rest. This is especially true if your windows face a busy street. In addition, you breathe dust, which also does not improve the quality of life ... So, correctly selected and installed plastic windows will solve this problem once and for all.

The third plus is ease of maintenance
Just think - when replacing windows, you can forget about such things as gluing frames for the winter, painting and other "charms" of care. You only have to wash plastic windows with soapy water as needed and lubricate the moving parts of the fittings 1-2 times a year.

The fourth plus is your safety
The big advantage of plastic windows is the ability to use anti-vandal fittings. Hacking such windows is quite difficult, and it will take a lot of time for attackers. Double-glazed windows cannot be broken right away either, so you can forget about the bars on the windows.

The fifth plus is design
A variety of shapes and colors of plastic windows make them a truly unique find for a person who wants to make his interior unique! You can order typical rectangular or arched windows, or you can get creative and opt for a triangular, trapezoidal or even round window. The  choice of col ETA  You can also experiment to highlight the elegance and style of your home!

To be objective, we will also talk about the disadvantages of plastic windows.

As a rule, two complaints are most often expressed: plastic windows “do not breathe” and PVC profile poses a threat to health.

The health profile statement is based on the use of lead for stabilization in its production. However, numerous studies of this issue have shown and proved that lead does not evaporate from the profile and is not released in any other way. Moreover, the profile meets all hygiene and safety standards. In addition, do not forget that lead is also used for the production of cutlery, household appliances and medical devices.

Now let's answer the question: do windows "breathe" or not? The thing is that modern fittings have a micro-ventilation system. In other words, a continuous supply of fresh air is provided. At the same time, with such an organization of the sash operation, no drafts arise.

For many, a significant disadvantage will be the need to spend money on a new window ... But, believe me, not much time will pass, and you will remember the old windows with horror. Silence and warmth in the apartment, aesthetic appearance - you will appreciate all these advantages of PVC windows.

Windows from will raise the quality of your life to a new level. You will see how cozy and peaceful life without drafts, noise and dust can be if you change your old wooden frames for plastic ones!

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