If you're an owner, you want to sell a property or buyer in Florida, who wants to purchase a new proprietary real estate agency, will help you. All sellers want to get a price as high as possible when selling a building while all buyers are priced as low as possible for the property they want to buy it, such as a market research is one of the first things you can do whatever you are in the position of seller or buyer. For this purpose Tampa Real Estate realtor is the best option because he is very old in this business and has a lot of good Realtor. Their business has flourished in all over the USA and some other countries as well.

For example, if in a certain location, there are a large number of properties estates for sale, however, buyers are in smaller numbers, and then it is not a good time to sell a property, but rather is the ideal time to buy one. If, in that location there is little property for sale, and demand is high when there is no other better time to sell the property, such as a market analysis is one of the first steps that you must have in mind, and a Tampa realtor you can answer these questions.

Before choosing a particular realtor service it is important to take a look and the experience that has in a particular sector or, more accurately, the experience he has about a certain type of real estate. For example, some real estate agents are experts in selling industrial buildings while others are very good broker to sell or buy apartment blocks. It is unlikely that a single agent has knowledge and vast experience in Florida areas, such as the need to identify this from the beginning.

You could ask him what was the last propriety that sold it and that was the asking price with the price paid. This simple question can reveal them to negotiate its attitudinal also studying the price is simply the difference between these two prices - at the beginning and the ended transaction between buyers and sellers.

Mission, Vision and Values of Real Estate


To defend and support the members of Real Estate Brokerage, defending the system of free enterprise and competition among its members, adhering to the strictest ethical values, through a relationship of mutual collaboration thus contributing to the development of the profession in the country.


To be the guild of the real estate business at the provincial level, which promotes through the services provided by its members nationally and international investment seeking real estate development from a globalized perspective.


Unity, Trust, Loyalty, Discipline, Harmony, Accountability, Justice, Legality, Ethics and Honesty.
Objectives of the Association of Real Estate:
Guide under a legal framework what to do about the Association, bills and legal issues, ensuring that all documents are duly updated under a scheme based on the laws of the country.

Establish cordial relations with other organizations and international organizations, which can contribute in some way to the strengthening of our association.

Work in the implementation of the tools that provide services to facilitate the work of brokerage the associate.

To act as arbitrator in the conflicts or differences between its Partners, to promote the harmony and welfare of the guild; enforcing the statutes, Code of Ethics and internal regulations of our trade union.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly Parks began selling real estate in 2001 in Michigan where she quickly rose to the top of her profession. She received the Rookie of the Year award that year and has continued to be a top producer, most recently being named one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents by Real Trends report. In her 15 years of experience she successfully navigated the market crash of 2008 in one of the hardest hit areas. After moving her business and her family to Florida in 2011, Kelly has been thriving in the Greater Tampa Bay area ever since. Kelly Parks now leads a dynamic team of agents who provide expertise across 4 counties. In 2016 the Kelly Parks Team sold over $40 million & over 200 homes. Kelly is very hands on in all of her transactions and can always be reached which is one reason why she is so successful. She treats her clients how she would want to be treated, to ensure they only receive the best experience when buying or selling with the Kelly Parks Team!